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My latest works

Between good and evil by Ellysiumn

Enchanted night by Ellysiumn

Meaning of life by Ellysiumn

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Give some love to these amazing artworks!!!

after the disintegration by KPEKEP

Mobius - White light by KPEKEP

Visitors by Whendell

Alien Plant by JoniNiemela

Transylvania by vampirekingdom

Missing You by TaniaART

Thorned Rose by Corvinerium

Stay Home by werol

Joan by Megan-Arts

Feel Me by Bojan1558

Insomnia by stellartcorsica

Agony by maiarcita

Enigma-primer plano by Marazul45


Two Worlds. by CaoChiNhan

Leap of Faith by neverdying

EDEN by Carlos-Quevedo

Hurt by PetyaPlamenova

Friendship by KarinClaessonArt

You are back to Neverland without me by Marjie79

Feel the Magic by EstherPuche-Art

rapids rapidfiring water by Marl1nde

Bayern, Neuschwanstein region sunset by alierturk

Welcome to wherever you are by Teddy-Cube

First Something :) by RobinHalioua

THE FALLEN by Deharme

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M y s t i c a l by Consuelo-Parra

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Thor-commission by derylbraun

White knightsI haven't spend much time on my computer last weekend, but enough to see that DeviantArt was kept busy by a troll that apparently did really well for as much as trolls can 'do well' on the internet. A little over 4000 pageviews in just 4 days the account is online proved not only the artists involved in the matter took offense... but apparently a lot of other DeviantArt members as well. Even those that seemed (to me at least) totally uninvolved with the troll or the particular type of art.
For those that wonder about the issue; It's about Foxbun's rather cynical joke about the 'closed species' matter. (I'm usually against name calling here. But this account has intentionally created for its goal. It has been all over the site already and would've been in the comments within 10 minutes, even without me mentioning here. I don't provide a link, though. Use your search engine if you want to research it.)
The term white knight is to most older members of DeviantArt (or the interne

Gift: The voice of the silenceWithin the oblivion and the neglect
The world declines in isolation
The fire and the water in a perpetual battle
As the smoke, the eyesight, drowns
Onto the land where the sun illuminates
In the first rays which touch the burnt soil
And lost souls, the whispers, are collecting
At the rough play, for the prevalence
And in the end the will still exists and stands
Garnering the sounds and the echoes
  Gift: Behind the NightDeep into the darkness, the night seems endless
Shadows wandering aimlessly, are hunting lost souls
Sparkling eyes haunt the sunrise, pinning the light in red rivers.
In places dreadful and fearsome, even the moon is reluctant to rise
The darkest moments, hide the deepest secrets
And the mysteries of the world disappear with the wind
As the tremor is ruling the world’s madness
And the nature, remain silent, hidden in the shadows

Across the Room by SharonLeggDigitalArt

Passione by FrancescaDelfino

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Have you all a great day!!

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Gene Raz


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Wonderful feature ! :love: Thanks so much for including my work ! :love:
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Thanks again dude! :thumbsup:
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Beautiful art Raz!
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Many thanks for the feature 
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Many thanks for the feature :glomp:
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Thank you so much for the feature my friend! beautiful collection! :hug:
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Como siempre Raz..una maravillosa caracteristica y por eso un gran honor para mi estar entre estas maravillosas creaciones!Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Jump) [V6] *Free Icon/Emote* Pusheen (So exciting!) 
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De nada María! :heart: :hug:
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Maravillosos trabajos! :heart: Muchas gracias por incluir el mío! :tighthug:
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De nada Ángeles ! :heart: :hug:
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Thank you so much forthe feature! Happy Clap by Tumthe3 I'm really honored
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You're welcome Marjie! :heart: :hug:
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Amazing collection!! :love:
Thankss so much for including my work, I really appreciate your kind support!! :huggle::rose:
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You're welcome! :heart: :hug:
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Thanks very much buddy! :highfive: 
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You're welcome my friend! :hug:
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Thank you for the awesomne feature my friend! :heart: :love:
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You're welcome my friend!! :heart:
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Beautiful feature!! Thank you for including my work :hug:
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You're welcome!! :hug:
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Amazing feature!!!! Thank you for including me!!! :love:
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