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About Digital Art / Professional Community Volunteer Gene Raz von Edler27/Male/Germany Groups :iconcommunityrelations: communityrelations
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Angel without Wings Award by Nameda
Nominated by awesome43 and TheGalleryOfEve


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Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
Ellysiumn’s gallery is literally the stuff dreams are made of so it’s not surprising to learn that many refer to him as a “dream weaver.” His imagination knows no bounds and he welcomes us into the fantastical worlds that he creates with open arms. However, it is far more than his creativity that attracts visitors to his page time and again -- it is the person himself that is the magnetic pull. Ellysiumn spends a great deal of his time promoting and supporting the work of other DeviantArt artists far more than he promotes himself. He is a kind and generous soul that has clearly made DeviantArt his home. We are honoured to be part of his online family and elated to be awarding Deviousness for August 2018 to Ellysiumn.
-awarded August 2018

Featuring the Artist: Dim-Draws

Mon Sep 24, 2018, 10:15 AM

Fairytale Book by Dim-Draws




Skin by Dan Leveille

Daily Deviations Sept 17th - 23rd

Sun Sep 23, 2018, 9:00 AM


Thu Sep 20, 2018, 11:46 AM by Ellysiumn:iconellysiumn:


Tue Sep 18, 2018, 2:00 PM




Under the red moon by Ellysiumn

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Redeemplates: Ch.1 (A Handplates Fanfic)"All right. The darkness is clearing. I'm getting close.... It's almost decipherable...."
"If I can keep it at this specific frequency, then it could be translated into proper images...."
"what frequency?"
"Don't distract me. Just stay focused on the dais." 
It was another day in the True Lab. Another experiment. That was no surprise to Subjects 1-S and 2-P. 
Today's experiment was different, however. Doctor W.D. Gaster was rather vague as to what he was trying to accomplish this time, but the younger skeletons knew that he had his reasons... whatever they were. 
The Royal Scientist was unusually focused on his task today. The look on his face told 1-S and 2-P that he was determined to find answers and make a breakthrough on this project. He didn't look as if he was intending to hurt them this time, but... given what had transpired between them and the doctor in the past... neither subject could be sure. 
They exchanged an uneasy glance at one another. Th
   Last GoodbyeMay I hold you?
He extended his hand to her, praying she would take his offer. No words passed between them as time ticked by. She studied him, trying to read his thoughts. A smile formed on her lips as she placed her hand in his. Carefully, he lifted her from the chair and wrapped an arm about her small waist. He held her close; her perfume filled his senses with a flood of happy memories. Like all the ones before, he wanted this moment to be imprinted – forever.
May I be your shield?
Gently guiding her around the room, he noted her fragile figure. It made his heart cry. They had been through so much, and he was not ready to accept this as the end. She had fought hard through every obstacle; defying the odds at every turn. The pit in his stomach told him she no longer had the same push anymore; the same battle stance to take it all on. As his heart lowered to the floor with the ultimate realization, he looked deep into her eyes. The sparkle, though faint, was still
   WordsDon't know what I did to make you sad
Didn't expect the words to cause this plight
It was all my fault, my bad
Didn't mean to leave you alone in the night.
Words are like swords taken to a fight
wielded unnecessarily, leaving only blood
Didn't want to make a scene, an unpleasant sight
Already a second away from an ugly flood.
The empty silence, jarring and suffocating
eats away your lonely heart.
The sudden absence, worrying and frightening
makes me fall apart.
A decision made, a wheel turned
made in the best interests, yet so wrong
The past written, never returned
that forces us all to move along.
Yet in that lies the irony of it all
Words that wound, words that heal
A pledge to never let you fall
And with that, herein I place my seal.

The Key II by jiajenn

cakeOS by niivu   OTA Trade Jordan Bust by xAnatneMx   Kiyoshi Kenshin by MadameFluttershy   Hewlett by Constantine-Woodhull   Lil' Sin by OtakuxHeaven

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Epic Rap Battles of History: David Hasselhoff as Michael Arthur Long, alias Michael Knight, vs. Robert [Last Name Omitted] as Sir Robert Hamish MacDiarmid, alias Colonel Knight Rider

Epic Rap Battles of History!
Michael Knight!
Colonel Knight Rider!
Look out, all you criminals above the law:
This crusader’s got a leather jacket, big hair, and square jaw.
Don’t hassle the ’Hoff, ’cause I drive Germans crazy.
KITT’s got sharp focus, but your mind gets hazy
From random distractions that cause all your conflicts.
Let me ask: how do you even know when convicts
Break out of prison unless your own car alerts you?
Every time you find a puzzle on the side, it diverts you
Until your car reminds you of a current major crisis.
You Millennials are so dependent on your smart devices.
Your existence is a joke, your career a hilarity,
And I’m the original.  You’re just the parody!

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Thicc Girls by GlitchTheDr4g0n   Redclaw by smolpurpleboy

Featuring the Artist: LukeFitzsimons

Mon Sep 17, 2018, 2:00 PM

Summoned by LukeFitzsimons





Bloom by LukeFitzsimons

Little Goldfish by LukeFitzsimons

Bonsai Tortoise by LukeFitzsimons

Avian by LukeFitzsimons

Flora by LukeFitzsimons

Pillar by LukeFitzsimons

Lure by LukeFitzsimons

Peace by LukeFitzsimons

Crystal Skull Cave by LukeFitzsimons

Shining by LukeFitzsimons

Leviathan by LukeFitzsimons

The Murder by LukeFitzsimons

Fallen by LukeFitzsimons

Fire Golem by LukeFitzsimons

Ethereal Beings: Birth by LukeFitzsimons

Decay by LukeFitzsimons

Skin by Dan Leveille


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