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Just in the mood to show off some recent awesome fractals that I tucked away in my Favorites. I've been dabbling with Ultrafractal and Mandelbulber on and off, and that's given me even more appreciation of how these guys are rocking it!

Blue Cheese by 2BORN02B MB2015-374 by Xantipa2 Sacrifice by technochroma MB2015-344 by Xantipa2 boring maybe by Lucy--C MB2015-266 by Xantipa2 Swagger by AureliusCat Woven by technochroma Kaleidoscopic Fractal Virus Pendant Silver by MANDELWERK

Journal Entry

So it looks like the rains in Texas have finally let up. We've ended up with a whole set of nice, full reservoirs, which is good news, but also a bunch of casualties, both people and places washed away by the string of downpours. It was a really insane May! Now it's starting to feel like June with middays hitting a comfortable mid 90s. Yay for sunshine!

I've spent spring planning out my next Tarot project and am still very excited about working now on a more modern, contemporary and entirely original deck of cards. People who liked the drawing style of the HP Tarot, but weren't quite as much into the Potterverse will hopefully find a lot to like here. It'll take me a bunch of months to complete this - 78 detailed cards don't just draw themselves over night, especially since I want to offer detailed and individual pip cards, as I did the last time round. This time I also hope to be able to go commercial and have this set sit on a bunch of shelves in real stores for actual purchase.

In other news, it looks like I'm going to hit the big 600.000 here in a couple thousand pageviews, so to celebrate the occasion I am offering a kiriban to the person who manages to capture the counter at 600.000 and is the first to mail me the screenshot. The choice of gift will be either a hand-signed copy of my HP Tarot, nicely packed in a black velvet pouch or a nice, juicy, summery ruffle bracelet, namely this beauty!

Tropicana by Ellygator


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princess88alasse's avatar
Wow, congrats on the big milestone kiriban! :dance:  I'm sad I missed it, but I rarely get online any more (as my over 2,000 notifications here attest to).  We're supposed to see rain here in California soon, but Mother Nature seems to want us to be in summer as long as possible.  That's nothing out of the ordinary though, haha.
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! I am still blown away by the number of people who come and visit, watch, look and comment. It's awesome. I hope CA is getting a break from the drought some time. Reading about the fires and shortage of water, just breaks my heart!
princess88alasse's avatar
Yeah, it's been unusually hot for October here in CA with only one shower at 5 am a couple weeks ago so far.  But the good news is it does seem to be cooling down at last, but Mother Nature seems to be very fickle in deciding when it's actually winter.
Ellygator's avatar
I hope you guys get some relief, soon. It's been a scorcher of a fall in Texas, too...
Druideacht's avatar
have ye- tried the Apophysis yet :bucktooth:
Ellygator's avatar
I've heard about it, and I like what a lot of people are doing with it, but I haven't tried it myself yet.
Druideacht's avatar
<.< why not >.>
it is love 
and anger
and fluffy kittens when you get that AHHH-HAA moment 
Samantha-dragon's avatar
may I ask if is okay to try catch kiriban even if I'm not from US but from middle Europe?
Ellygator's avatar
Yes, absolutely. I love it when my stuff ends up half-way around the world. It's so exciting!

Good luck with the capture.
Samantha-dragon's avatar
wheeee :excited: thank you, I'll try to! I guess the only problem why offers like this is usually US only is more expensive postage ^^; 
And yeah, that feeling your letter and art visited country you never were at and maybe never will be... can't be clearly described to anybody else :]
Ellygator's avatar
Yeah, I hear you. Still, I think if it's a gift to begin with throwing a bit more for postage on it doesn't really make a huge difference, plus it's a really awesome number. I can't believe so many people have been here.
Ellygator's avatar
Congratulations, you did it! So now the question is: what would you like? Bracelet or Harry Potter Tarot deck?

Just let me know and note me with your shipping address and I'll get a nice little prize parcel out to you this weekend.
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Yeah, I still can't believe I was lucky enough! :happybounce:
Decision wasn't easy but... I've just sent you Note back with choosen prize and my address :]
Thank you once again - for this chance and for being very nice to us :hug:
Ellygator's avatar
Saw it. Thanks so much! I'll pack everything up today and should be able to post it tomorrow on my way to work. It'll be in an orange, padded envelope. Hopefully it'll get to you safely and quickly. I love when my stuff travels far, and knowing one of my bracelets is almost half-way around the world is pretty cool!
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MiSmAtChEd's avatar
Aw, congrats :) I was 600 001 :(
Samantha-dragon's avatar
Thank you, maybe I can consider it as kind of birthday present? :blush: I guess it was you who was refreshing with me, I'm not sure if there were more who tried because I have seen almost all even numbers from last two thousand :D
Glad you like it Elly... It is one of my favourite pieces, it looks unreal IRL, the details are unbelievable
Ellygator's avatar
You're one of the few artists that I know, who has gone to 3D printing with fractals and it really fascinates me. Seeing these virtual creations come to life and be tangible is still just amazing to me!

I am glad I picked one of the pieces that you are very happy about, too!
Believe me, everytime I recieve a new package of 3D printed fractals I am thrilled.
To hold the secrets of mathematics in my hand :)

I am very happy for this feature Eleonore!
Xantipa2's avatar
Thanks, so much thanks :kiss: :wave:
Ellygator's avatar
You're welcome. You are one of the few people here who is amazingly prolific and yet quantity never compromises quality. You're always spot on with colors, compositions and new inventions. I always enjoy watching you.
Xantipa2's avatar
Thanks so much for your nice words. I am so happy you like my work. I like your work sooooo much. :kiss: :wave:
2BORN02B's avatar
Many thanks for including me here, Elly. It is greatly appreciated my friend. Take care!!
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