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River Serpent

(2017), 10.5" for the necklace, including pendant, 7"x1" for the bracelet; silver-lined transparent light grey, blue-lined beige and matte gunmetal Size 15 seed beads worked in flat and tubular stacked brick stitch, blue chalcedony closure beads, art glass object, fireline.

I bought the pendant for this necklace from an Etsy artist who creates these amazing objects to be worn as large gauge earrings. With long hair I'm not much of an earring wearer outside of small studs that won't get tangled up, but her creations are still stunning enough that I wanted to show them off.

This is one half of a matched pair made from a mix of smoky grey and light teal glass. The teal part of the object is also matted making for a lovely mix of color and texture. I matched her vision with a mix of glossy and matte beads of my own reflecting her color choices and used the flowing organic feel of stacked brick stitch to complement her work. I then decided I wanted to have a bracelet to go along with the necklace and repeated the sequence of beads I had used in the tubular strands of the necklace in a flat strip of beads that are fastened with a simple bead-and-loop closure.

Now I have to figure out what to do with the other earring!

If you want to see glassheart's amazing work (or maybe even get a beautiful pair of earrings for yourself), you can check out her shop here:
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that centre piece is very interesting. the simple beading is just perfect for it :)
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Thanks so much! I wanted to capture that amazing glass object.
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I really love the colors in that!  WOW!
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Thank you! The glass artist does beautiful combos. Her latest pieces are gold-fumed. They look gorgeous and are worth what she's asking for them, but a little beyond my purse strings at the moment...
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Ooohhhh.   I bet they are beautiful.  What is her site?  (I had it bookmarked at one point but lost it.)  Just wanna look, I know I can't afford anything right now.  So it's purely window shopping.  hahaha
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Here's her store:…

I do have pierced ears, but am not about to shock my corporate clients with stretched earlobes... So I have to find creative alternatives if I still want to show off her wonderful art...
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Thanks so much!
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Thank you! Glad you like it!
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beautiful elly!
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Thanks so much! I had this piece stashed for so long, not quite sure how to connect it up until I thought of the solution I've used for some of my embroidered necklaces...
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I keep think the Head Mistress of Slytherin would wear this :D
Stunning :D
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Thank you! The colors and slinky quality of it would certainly work.
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This design is stunning!
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Thanks so much! I just love her creations - so precise and elegant.
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Beautiful and dramatic as always!
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Thanks so much! So happy you like it!
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Excellent matching of a wonderful find.

I don't wear earrings, but if I had the money, I'd buy a pair from glassheart to wear as pendants.
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Thank you! I really love her work. The glass shapes are so incredibly precise and the lines are always really graceful and elegant.
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What a gorgeous way to show that off! :love: Beautiful set! :nod:
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Thank you! It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to incorporate the object.
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