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HP Tarot - Princess of Swords

By Ellygator
(2007) 5 1/2" x 10 1/2" Pencil on Paper. Processed and framed in Photoshop.

Nymphadora Tonks is the last of my Sword court cards, with her mum being Andromeda Black she nicely rounds out the Black family. She has her own rebellious streak, refusing her first name, subbornly insisting on marrying a werewolf and ultimately meeting a violent death.

Again my own idea of Tonks proved stronger than the rather dark and glum goth they chose for the movie. I found my perfect model with stock from :iconakai-hinoiri:.

She has just the kind of pixie-ish and impish punk-girl look I always imagined for Tonks. Again I haven't given her the symbol of her suit to hold, but put the sword behind her in the Black family crest on a banner. Instead she uses her wand to conjure her patronus.
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Why is she in Swords and not Fire?
But that doesn't matter, she's one of my fav characters!
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Thank you! I wanted to keep the court cards within particular families, so all fire cards are Weasleys, all Cup cards are associated with the Malfoys. With the Swords that were people surrounding the Black family, and Tonks as Andromeda Black's daughter fit the bill. The only group where this didn't seem to work well were the Disks...
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i like her
this is a great design
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Thank you! It was so strange seeing the stock, and going - this is just "my" Tonks...
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Awesome card! A really good job on Tonks. But for me, she looks like Tonks in her teens. I imagined her older in the books.
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Thank you! Actually the model is just 17. I kind of had her pegged as being in her early twenties, but as the age difference between her and Lupin comes up so often, I kind of thought she was pretty young...
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I imagine her to be around 22 to 24 years old ;).
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Yeah, same here.
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Nymphadora Tonks is very pretty in girl!!!
I like the rock costume in her body. It's original.
Catalina-Estefan's avatar
It's very original!!!!XD
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! I am glad you liked the model I chose for her.
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I missed some while on holiday....
I just love your Deck Each card is so dynamic!!!!
This is a squishy card for me... the Patronus looks like My dog in White!!!!!
Another triumph

I Salute You!!!!!
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! I am so glad you like her.
Sempraseverus's avatar
This is a Deck that I would certainly use!!!!
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I really like the way you have made Tonks use her wand to conjure her Patronus (the Wolf). A nice reference to her love for Remus Lupin.

The wolf is perhaps purely "the beast", which appears from nowhere, wreaks devastation, and vanishes without a trace, leaving carnage in its wake. - This could be a reference to the violents ends of both Tonks and Remus.
The wolf sees in the dark, so is symbolic of light. The wolf can also be the solitary hero who defies the hunters. It is also a symbol of intelligence and courage. - Tonks and Remus are both highly intelligent characters and they know how to show courage in difficult situations. Both Tonks and Remus also defies logic when they agree to get married.
The wolf can also represent solitude and self-absorption and retreat from relations with others. - This can be seen as how Remus was like before his friendship with James and Sirius. Even when he meets Tonks he is still somewhat distant and reluctant at first to engage in a relationship with her.
Native Americans have for a long time regarded the wolf as a teacher or pathfinder. Wolves are fiercely loyal to their mates, and have a strong sense of family while maintaining individualism. In the stars, Wolf is represented by the Dog, Sirius. - I think both Tonks and Remus are very devoted to their little family even though they will never be allowed to see their son grow up. I also like the reference to the Star, Sirius. A nice reference to Remus' relationship with Sirius, a relationship I have always seen as very strong, maybe even stronger than that of Sirius/James.

I actually liked the actress who played Tonks in the movie, but I must say that your view on Tonks is very sweet. She most fittingly represents the strong, yet sweet young woman known as the Princess of Swords.

The Black family crest in the background is a nice detail and as always the shading is perfect. I especially like the way you have managed the glow from Tonks wand when she conjoures her Patronus.
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Thanks! I will actually have Tonks and Lupin together in the Major Arcana as "The Lovers". Sometimes this card is also called "The Choice" and has a man standing between two women. I will have Lupin half in his human form next to Tonks and half transformed into a werewolf to show how he is torn between what he wants and what he must be. That way I have both card meanings united.
Arinya13's avatar
That would make a wonderful choise. I have always like the symbolic meanings of the Lovers. Some people always think that the Lovers is only about love, but there is so much more to this card and even though love is an important and strong symbol, the meaning of "The Choise" is also a very powerful symbol in a Tarot reading. After all, life is all about choises: The choises we make and the choises we choose not to make. It really is a powerful symbol for the individual person.

I look forward to be seeing this card in your ever unique and beautiful interpretation!
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T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U. She is way too brash and crazy and shockingly-pink-haired to be some emo goth girl. She's a punk rocker, and proud of it!

It's so cute...she's got this kind of, "Yeah, and so?" look on her face, as she does her wand waving in muggle clothing... ^_^
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! I am sooo glad you like my version!
theblackwillow's avatar
Hmm, great work but that's not how I picture Tonks. The movie Tonks sucked though I agree!!
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! And it would be weird if everyone didn't walk off with a bit of a different mental image after reading a book... It's just the movie adaptations that make everyone see the same - unless you have a strong imagination and can resists...
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She's too childish
No offence of course,but she looks like a seven-year-old.
Ellygator's avatar
LOL! The stock artist's web page says she's 17... If I can de-age people like that by drawing them, I think I should become a serious portrait artist, as most folks love dropping a few years in appearance...
DragonePhyrus's avatar
Haha they'd absolutely LOVE you!
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