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HP Tarot - Prince of Swords

By Ellygator
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(2007) 5 1/2" x 10 1/2" Pencil on Paper. Processed and framed in Photoshop.

This one took me a little longer to figure out, but eventually I settled for yet another tortured Black: Regulus, the erstwhile follower of Voldemort who eventually renounced his alliance and tried to destroy one of the horcruxes. Here he is at the enchanted stone basin in the cave holding Slytherin's locket.

In the traditional deck the Prince of Swords stands for a young man of a sharp mind who is fascinated by ideas for their own sakes. He has no problem switching sides and alliances enjoying intellectual challenges rather than being bothered by moral dilemmas. He is unable to commit to anything firmly, but can point out new and creative ways to approach problems and come up with ideas.

I think it was just that fascination with ideas and charisma that drew Regulus to the Death Eaters, but he was unable to fully commit to the dark side, and it took some wit and intelligence to figure out that whole horcrux business long before anyone else did. Even Dumbledore and Harry had to follow Regulus' hints to uncover Voldemort's strategy.

The male figure including the face is based on stock by :iconlinzstock: [link]
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I am not sure if my request for this Deck went through. I think the art is amazing, my main deck i use is Shakespeare oracle but I love this deck and would like to purchase it.

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Sorry for having missed your previous inquiry! Anyway, tank you so much for getting in touch! While the deck not available commercially I have found a printing service that can print the cards for me on heavy, satinated cardstock that's as good as any regular deck (330 gsm). The cards measure 7 x 12 cm and come with a signed cover card in a black velvet pouch.

Because the printing is a one-off, I have to ask $55 for a cut deck of 78 cards. Shipping is $7 US with a tracking number.

If you are interested, please send $67 to my PayPal account at Ellygator13@yahoo.com and make sure to include your shipping address in the notes.

Also if you have a Hogwarts house preference, please let me know. I'll include a note card with the founder of your favorite house as a little gift.

I'm currently waiting for a new order so it may take me about a week before I can ship the new decks.

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sent it very excited

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Hello, good afternoon, my name is Nuria and I have a very important online tarot store in Spain and I would love to be able to sell your wonderful tarot cards.

Do you discount for stores or do you sell wholesale?

I would be very excited to have them in my store and I have several clients who have already asked me about them.

I await your news, attentively.

Receives a warm greeting:-)

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Hello Nuria. Thanks so much for getting in touch. I'll be happy to see if we can work something out for your store, however, there are a few things we'll probably need to discuss and organize. If you don't mind please contact me at ellygator13@yahoo.com and I'll be very glad to send you more information.

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koolio, i want hp tarot cards, good job on Regulus.
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Thanks so much!
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i wish these were physically made, like with color and were sold in acutal decks, i'd spend hours just looking at them
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Thanks, and while they don't have color being pencil drawings, I do print real decks of them. In fact I am using one for my own work.
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You did an excellent job on the details, and the expressions on his face. His right hand looks a little akward, but it doesn't take away from his beauty. :worship:
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Thanks so much! It was nice to be able to draw a character for which we have no visual reference yet.
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I like the art people come up with without visual references better, since it allows more of the artist's genius to show :)

(That's what I tell myself, anyways, because I can't draw from references to save my life :XD:)
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I think that's the problem when you decide to draw characters that have already been shown in a movie. With Harry Potter most of the characters in my head now look like the actors in the movies, the only exceptions are Bellatrix (I see more of a Claudia Black type in her), Tonks (who I see as more of someone with a heart-shaped face and a pixie cut), Lockheart (Kenneth Branagh wasn't good-looking enough...), Moody (skinnier) and Narcissa (younger,better-looking and no badger-hair).
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Wow... So much emotion. The best Regulus I saw so far. I already was in love with Sirius, lately I start to like Regulus a lot too.
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Thank you! It was fun to draw him, because I could him imagine to look any way I wanted.
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Beautiful picture.. Regulus is one of the best features of the book.
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super...such thought you have put into these!
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Thanks so much! Glad you like him. It was fun having a character who has not been cast yet, where I could just invent someone myself.
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you imagined him well
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Oh yay, another Black! :drool:

I daresay, though, that I thought perhaps you'd have chosen Sirius for this Prince card.
Ellygator's avatar
It was a bit of a bother, but because I had already chosen Sirius for the king it seemed best to make his younger brother the Prince... Still Sirius himself is still enough of a rebel to fit the bill of Prince himself...
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Georgous, just georgous... *-*

Dammit, you made me love Regulus xD

The Bat.
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I thought it would be likely that he got some of Sirius' good looks, too...
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