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HP Tarot - Ace of Swords

(2007) 5 1/2" x 10 1/2" Pencil on Paper. Processed and framed in Photoshop.

Here's Rowena Ravenclaw with her Eagle as the Ace of Swords. Swords are traditionally aligned with Air and the quality of reason, and Rowena with her blue and silver house colors, the eagle as her animal, and the common room atop a tower that can only be accessed if the person has the knowledge to answer a question right was the perfect choice.

Rowena is based on fabulous stock by :iconelandria:
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Nicely done. :)
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Thank you! I loved to draw her!
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I'm a huge fan of your HP tarot series and love how you portrayed the Founders of Hogwarts.  Thanks for remembering that the eagle is the Ravenclaw symbol--too many people think that it is the raven (the movies did not help).  Also, just a small correction--Ravenclaw House is blue and bronze (the colors were blue and silver in the films).  Gorgeous work! :iconravenclawplz:
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Thank you so much! And yes, you are quite right on your reminder!
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Thanks so much!
I just love how you drew the eagle, and Rowena Ravenclaw looks beautiful! :)
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Thanks so much! She was really fun to draw, as were all the Ace cards.
Well, Rowena's my favourite :) As in, out of all the Ace cards.
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really beautiful!
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Thanks so much! I had a wonderful model for her.
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do you do all your work based on live models? it would be great to know more about your process and if you make a livin on or art..? maybe you write about this in yur journals, I should have look.. :) :heart:
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That's okay. For me art is just a hobby, not a livelihood which I like, because it is never a chore, and I hate it also, because I'd just love an excuse to work on it all the time... As for drawings I use photos for reference or occasionally a mirror on myself...
mrs-jessicat's avatar
:) ok, cool. Mm, I use photos and myself too ;P
Thank you for sharing!
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Rowena is so beautiful! She has a majestic look. + the Eagle, wow. That one really came out great.
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Thank you! I really enjoyed drawing her. Elandria was just the perfect model for her with her clear and stern beauty!
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oh my gosh she looks exactly like how i would have imagined her :|
well done indeed!!

ive been looking at this whole series and i am completely blown away.
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Thank you so much! I am glad she's a good Rowena for you!
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simply whoaw... utter beauty
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Thank you. I loved drawing her with her eagle.
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I can see it, I can feel it.
Your joy radiates from the paper.
Great art.
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I can see it.
I ca
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Another great Founder! And of the house I identify with, too. (NOT bragging, though I have been accused of such when I say that, just saying... I'm an epic geek, ok?) :+fav:
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Thank you! Elandria is such an amazing beauty, she was a joy to draw.
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