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HP Tarot - 9 The Hermit

(2008) 5 1/2" x 10 1/2" Pencil on Paper. Processed and framed in Photoshop.

Picking Snape for the Hermit seemed pretty much like a no-brainer for both of the major meanings of this card: the Hermit may signify a guardian and mentor on the long dark passages in life, someone who shines a light for us, even on the things we don't want to see about outselves or on the secret fears we have. The Hermit may also mean that we close ourselves off from others, we march to the beat of our own drum and we stand alone (which does not necessarily mean that we feel lonely).

Snape fulfils both of these meanings - he is essentially in a league of his own, blending in neither with the Order members, nor counting himself among the Death Eaters. He keeps his own counsel and does not reveal much about himself. For Harry he is also a mentor and guardian, not one who teaches with kindness, like Dumbledore or Sirius, but someone who has harsh lessons in humility, who shows Harry things about himself (and his father) that he does not want to know and to recognize. But when it comes to the crunch, he will always try to keep him safe.

Traditionally the Hermit is on a lonely path, holding a stave and a lantern. I've combined this with Snape's illuminated wand and placed him at the center of his lonely realm - his potions lab.

I dedicate this one to :iconnokomissnape:, who has been patiently waiting for me to draw some more Severus!

:icontarotdesignersguild: has my permission to display this card on their site.

Submitted to :iconfatgirlstock: for her tarot contest.
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Hello I would like to purchase a hp deck please!

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Thank you so much for getting in touch! While the HP Tarot unfortunately is not available commercially I found a printing service that can print the cards for me on heavy, satinated cardstock that's as good as any regular deck (330 gsm). The cards measure 7 x 12 cm and come with a signed cover card in a black velvet pouch.

Because the printing is a one-off, I have to ask $55 for a cut deck of 78 cards. Shipping is $7 US and $25 everywhere else, both with a tracking number.

If you are interested, please send $62 or $80 depending where you live to my PayPal account at and make sure to include your shipping address in the notes.

Also if you have a Hogwarts house preference, please let me know. I'll include a note card with the founder of your favorite house as a little gift.

All the best, Elly

PS.: I am currently out of town so it will take me about a week to pack and ship your Tarot deck if you decide to order one

Done!! Many thanks in advance

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Packing everything up tonight and shipping tomorrow. Will let you know your tracking number.

When will this be available to purchase?

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I cannot publish the deck due to unresolved copyright issues since I used movie references for some of the cards and WB never responded to my attempts to contact them about granting permission. I do sell the cards privately. If you're interested please let me know.

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Hi, how can I purchase this Harry Potter Deck ?

How do i purchase this deck love?

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Just sent you a note. Thanks!
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Thank you so much! Snape seemed just like the perfect character for the Hermit.
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You're welcome and i agree with you on that
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Fantastic choice for the Hermit!
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Thank you! I am glad Snape works for you in that position.
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Yep. Again! Perfect choice!:star:
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Thank you! This was an easy choice. He's such a great character for it.
I am speechless...I salute you.
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Thanks so much!
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So much drool of awe/appreciation/floored/etc!
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Thank you! I loved drawing him like this. Seemed such a good fit!
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amo a severus
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Sí, él es un gran personaje. Gracias!
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I love the art, I love your description.
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Thank you! I am glad the card works for you.
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