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HP Tarot - 7 The Chariot

(2008) 5 1/2" x 10 1/2" Pencil on Paper. Processed and framed in Photoshop.

"The Chariot" stands for the hero setting out on his quest. Traditionally it shows a figure encased in armor atop a chariot drawn by sphinxes. So it was fairly easy to jump from there to the Hogwarts Express, the "chariot" for young wizards and witches to take them out on their quest, to learn about magic and about themselves. Incidentally this is also the first card that does not feature a figure or figures.

In a draw "The Chariot" indicates an intense drive forward to accomplish something. There is little openness to accept a deviation from the course, and the impulse comes all from the inside - from inside the armor. Ultimately the hero will be challenged on his quest, he will need to halt, to open himself and to learn, but not yet.

The lesson is to harness the drive, but also not to ride roughshod over obstacles and not to fear failure so much.
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Freaky - the moment this loaded on my screen, a train with billowing white steam appeared in the movie I'm watching. O_o Think someone's trying to tell me something? ....
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Heh, you mess with the Tarot, weird coincidences are just pre-programmed!
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Die Karte gefällt mir ganz besonders gut! Sie verbindet das alte, traditionelle und die neue Welt miteinander. Der Hogwarts Express ist da perfekt geeignet :-) Super!
Ich hatte mal anfang der 90er Jahre die hohen Arcanen des Tarots umgesetzt und als Karte des Wagens einen Lamborghini um gesetzt - aber im Nachhinein war das ZU neu. Insofern ist Deine Interpretation da auch eine gute Anregung.
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Da sprichst Du ein interessantes Dilemma fuer Tarotkuenstler an. Ich wollte schon seit langer Zeit mein eigenes Deck gestalten, aber hatte nie wirklich einen Themenkomplex, der den originalen Bedeutungen gerecht wurde, und gleichzeitig meine persoenliche Interpretation widerspiegelte. Die HP Buecher verbinden fuer mich Mystery und Epos. Und Epos ist einfach immer perfekt geeignet, um Archetypen herauszuarbeiten. Viele von den neueren Decks haben dasselbe Problem - entweder sie sind total individuell und von einem Aussenstehenden kaum zu erarbeiten, oder sie zeigen deutlich, dass die moderne Zeit nicht mehr eine Zeit fuer Epen ist...
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this is great! i love the train imagery you have used here
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Thank you! It sort of just suggested itself...
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I like this one. Much simpler, which I think works well with the angle to give it that extra feel of full steam ahead.
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Thank you! I went over so many photos for this one to find one to fit the tall format of the drawing. Most trains are just kind of like long worms in a landscape...
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Thank you! Glad you like it.
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My fav so far (though I suspect I will be saying that a lot). I have always thought of the Chariot as representative of events rather then by the human element a lot of readers use, and so it's nice to see such a strong, powerful image used for this card, Love it, as always!
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I agree, any individual, identifyable person would have been wrong. This is a force of nature...
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Perfect choice and cool execution. :D
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Thanks so much!
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Had to "full view" this. Nice rendering of the train and very fitting to the tarot.
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Thanks so much!
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very beautiful I would love to have a set of those cards you are doing
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Thank you. I've added you to my list of folks to notify as soon as new developments occur.
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wow thanks you are the sweetiest!:heart:
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