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HP Tarot - 6W Victory

By Ellygator
(2008) 5 1/2" x 10 1/2" Pencil on Paper. Processed and framed in Photoshop.

The 6s stabilize and order the unbridled and sometimes destructive energy of the 5s and are associated with the sun, with clarity, order and energy of life.

In the case of fire and will that impulse translates into triumph and victory. We find acclaim and public recognition, are able to settle conflicts and treat them as a means for growth and as opportunities. We enjoy a spirit of fair competition and can trust in our abilities.

For the card I thought the bumper score of snatching a snitch in quidditch would be a good way to show the moment of victory. The six wands are symbolized by three goal posts and three brooms.
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droxy's avatar
Excellent detailing as always. =)
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! That's actually me holding a ping-pong ball and wearing one of my roller-blade gloves. LOL!
Scarladawn's avatar
Nice work Elly! I always love your "Potter" art.
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Windestaenzerin's avatar
wow, the snitch turned out really good :-)
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you. Took me ages to find a good reference. It always zips around too much and screenshots are blurred...
renatedowe's avatar
WoW ! It's amzing, I would love drawing hands this way !
Ellygator's avatar
Thanks so much! I actually used my own hand as a reference - wearing a rollerblade glove...
Zethara's avatar
Oh wow.. that is just amazing!!!
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you, had fun drawing the hand and glove.
Ellygator's avatar
Thanks so much!
Furrylittleproblem12's avatar
magpie-poet's avatar
The textures on this look like they were a lot of fun to work on.
Ellygator's avatar
Thanks and yes, the glove and hand were really cool because of the mix of fabric, padding and skin.
perselus's avatar
Wow, awesome work!
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! This was one of the easier images to work out...
OregonArtTeacher's avatar
Nice work. I have been meaning to make a set of illustrated tarot cards myself for quite some time. A rather large piece of work what with how many cards there are.
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! And I agree, 78 doesn't feel that much until you realize how long the minors stretch... Still hope you get round to doing your deck. It's one of the best projects I've done in my life so far.
OregonArtTeacher's avatar
Thank you for the encouragement. I will probably get to it once my wife starts teaching and I can settle on working just one job rather than three.
ElkStarRanchArtwork's avatar
very nice! the detail on the design on the snitch and the glove is really amazing!
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! It took me ages to find a good close-up shot of a snitch...
dimitriskats's avatar
"snatching a snitch in quidditch" sounds so cool!
Ellygator's avatar
LOL Thank you, now say this very quickly ten times in a row...
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