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HP Tarot - 5 The Hierophant



(2008) 5 1/2" x 10 1/2" Pencil on Paper. Processed and framed in Photoshop.

So far this is my personal favorite card of the Major Arcana, not so much because I have a particular affinity for the Hierophant, but because I am really, really pleased about how well my Dumbledore turned out with his gorgeous owl.

The composition is actually fairly close to the traditional image of the hierophant, who is generally depicted as an older man (often in priest-like garments, because in very old decks he is actually the Pope) who is blessing or instructing smaller figures arranged in front of him.

To use Dumbledore for this card was a no-brainer, because he is a guardian, guide and mentor to so many, he inspires loyalty and is a figure of respect, he leads at Hogwarts, where young witches and wizards first learn what it means to become a responsible and knowledgeable member of their society, and he truly represents all that is good and honorable in the wizarding world.

The Hierophant card represents the belief of the group rather than personal beliefs and it stands for the socialization of an individual into a group. Therefore the Hierophant is often the figure of a teacher or a mentor, who helps the idividual fit into the group or into society, by teachig them skills and knowledge, but also appropriate behaviors, norms and ethics.

When you draw it, it may mean that you have to examine your beliefs with respect to what others around you believe, that perhaps you should seek the guidance of a teacher or that you may be called on to mentor and help others.

I'd like to dedicate this card to :iconsempraseverus: who draws the coolest Gambon/Dumbledore I've seen so far and who convinced me to go with Gambon rather than Harris, which I am now really happy about.

Update: submitted to :iconfatgirlstock: for her tarot contest.
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Is this deck still available for purchase? I am so sorry if you get asked this all the time. I tried to look for a FAQ but could not find one.