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HP Tarot - 4 The Emperor

By Ellygator
(2008) 5 1/2" x 10 1/2" Pencil on Paper. Processed and framed in Photoshop.

Arcana 3 and 4, the Empress and the Emperor, stand for the archetypes of mother and father. So from Harry's perspective I decided they'd have to be Lily and James.

James is shown with his animagus form, the stag, seeing that that ability of his had so much influence throughout the story, by determining both Harry's and ultimately through Lily even Snape's patronus.

I wanted to contrast his surroundings from those of Lily by showing her in a form of domesticated nature in a garden, and his out in the wild of the forest.

Again I worked with the actor who portrayed him in photos and as a ghost. I also used stock from :iconailinstock: as reference for the cloaked torso and hand holding the staff

As a card the Emperor signifies the male order of things. Patriarchy has gotten a bad rap since the 19th century - two world wars instigated and fought by men and the rape of the natural world by 19th century ideas of capitalism will do that to you - but there are positive sides to it as well: civilization, laws and rules of society, science and research that cures and improves mankind's lot, the willingness to take the lead, to take responsibility, to provide and to keep the weak ones safe are also attributes of this card.

The Emperor and Empress work best when they are in harmony, when they respect each other's strengths and weaknesses and support each other. The Empress out of control is tsunamies and earthquarkes, the natural world grinding us into the ground to reshape mankind into the next experiment of evolution without regard for intelligence, beauty or emotion. The Emperor out of control is polluted air, radioactive waste, the intricacies of science abused to kill the earth and other people for the illusion of absolute power and control.
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Its nice to find somebody who appreciates the need for balance between the masculine and feminine principles as you have communicated through your Emperor and Empress tarot.

I've been getting sick of the "men are responsible for all evil, if we had a matriarchal goddess worshiping society everything would be sunshine and happiness" crap that pours from every orifice of the wiccan and pagan community *rolls eyes*

I'll keep an eye on the status of your deck, if it every gets into wider production I guarantee you it wont be long before I have your deck in my collection.
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you so much! I think if we go into the extreme of denying us access to the values of the male archetype after we have devalued the female for many centuries, we are doing ourselves the same kind of disservice as our ancestors, just in the opposite way. Maybe eventually we will end up in the middle and be more enlightened...

I have had so many positive experiences with the males in my life who have been fathers, protectors, lovers, friends and mentors, I have to honor that.
pootoo's avatar
Oooh.. you made him look so much like Harry's dad should look.. like an older Harry but... wiser, love the .. I can't think of the name of his summon guy.. any way, love it!
primulatook's avatar
a wonderful representation of the emperor
beautifully drawn in every aspect...
lyanyne's avatar
Oh, this is great, as always! I like how you still managed to keep some resemblance to Harry in his facial structure.

I have been remiss in checking on your deviations recently, but everything's been so mad that I keep losing track of myself! :blush:
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Thanks so much! I had to think about that card for a while, but once I had settled on the stag, it all seemed to come together quite naturally.
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You're welcome! =D
jonas-took's avatar
He was not perfect: but he was loyal, a leader and someone who defined what was good and bad. He was completed by Lily and would have grown to be someone great had he not been cut short. Great picture!
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! It was interesting to have a character that was very little determined visually from the movies. Almost felt like drawing the four founders for the Aces.
emey's avatar
w:Ow.....awesome proof of amazing talent....:-) :peace:
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you so much!
emey's avatar
NO problem you are most welcome.
Klint's avatar
I like it, especially the stag...
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you. It's the first one I've ever drawn.
silverb's avatar
Excellent job,as always.
baby-snakes's avatar
the foreshortening is pretty much right on.. that I can see.. the antlers are great too. and i like how you have the necklace there.
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! Traditionally the Emperor is associated with Aries, so I somehow had to bring a gratuitous aries symbol in there, the necklace seemed like it was the ticket.
baby-snakes's avatar
Im a symbolism freak - I love tidbits like that..
ErilisVampyre's avatar
Another fitting and beautiful card.
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! I had fun drawing the stag - my first one ever...
Sorazblack's avatar
Pleasure for the eye:clap:
Ellygator's avatar
Thanks so much!
Owll's avatar
Great work! Very interesting composition!
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! I was afraid the very foreshortened stag would look odd. Fortunately he turned out all right.
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