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HP Tarot - 3 S Sorrow

(2008) 5 1/2" x 10 1/2" Pencil on Paper. Processed and framed in Photoshop.

As the four elements move into the 3s, we see the results of the 2s meeting and interacting. There is a sense of consolidation of opposites and a sense of now being able to "get on with it". The 3s also are aligned with the planet Saturn, the planet the ancients associated with time, with limitations, endings and the boundaries of the solar system. If you connect three points for the first time you have a figure where a boundary encloses a finite space. So the association is very approproate.

Air and the Intellect do not fare so well at being tripled up. The clash of two conflicting ideas has left us confused and we feel pain at having to overcome old and comfortable attitudes or having them destroyed for us. The card may also signify a betrayal that leaves us helpless and in pain, there may be a broken trust or a painful truth to face. The traditional card shows a thrice-stabbed heart...

I wanted to show the sharp daggers of the dissecting mind going to work on something beautiful (but ephemeral) and just leaving destruction in their path. Moonflowers are some of the most stunningly beautiful but also transitory flowers I know - they bloom for only one night, their scent reminds me of cucumber, limes and jasmine, and the plant that bears them is poisonous inducing hallucinations. Cutting through beautiful and intoxicating beliefs may be painful and leave nothing much to look at in its path, but ultimately I believe the card teaches a thing beyond grief: the truth will set you free!

The whole thing could be a still-life out of Snape's potions lab.
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Sehr clever durchdacht. Tolle Idee. Wunderschön gezeichnet.
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Danke, ich koennte diese Blumen immer wieder zeichnen...
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Thanks so muuch!
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oh wow, i really like that.
it's so cool looking.
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Thank you! Had a lot of fun with the textures here.
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i've definitely had this card placed out in my life before :paranoid: x)
Ellygator's avatar
It's not nice when it happens, but yeah, sometimes we draw this one...
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Still life in Snapes lab!! :+favlove: I love the concept!!!
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Thank you! I think he'd like to brew something with moonflower extract...
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I really admire all the hard work you`ve been doing lately!!! I loved this one specially, for the symbolism and what they mean to us, Snape fans.... Thanks Elly!!

I wonder, how many cards do you have left to draw?
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Well, I still need to post everything from the 4s to the 10s, but as for the actual drawings I am almost ready to wrap the 8s and still need to do all the 9s and 10s, though I have decided for images and reference for everything. So the end definitely is in sight. (Oh and just a sneak bit of info - I have yet another "Snape card" - his portrait as headmaster for the 7 of Wands: "Bravery". Fits, dont'cha think?)
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I see, I can`t wait for the Snape card!!! It totally fits Bravery!!!
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Gorgeous trompe l'oeil!
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I just have to say that I started watching you because I loved the idea of a Harry Potter tarot, but the series has so far really exceeded my expectations. I am amazed at the connections you are making through your imagery. It's so symbolically relevant and deep in meaning. I absolutely love it. I honestly hope that you will be able to publish these cards somehow, and that you will use these descriptions if and when you create a booklet to go along with the deck.
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! I am really glad you enjoy the concept so far. I've worked with the tarot for many years, and I've always wanted to make one of my own, but I never had that kind of overarching unifying idea until HP came along. I am definitely collecting the descriptions, and I am hoping to get it published myself.
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plus the knife up top reminds me of the one sirius gave harry :3 also conflicting because it was a gift he tresured given by someone he lost, and it was ruined when he went to save sirius (even though he wasn't there and ultimately harry's being there drew him there to his death :/ )
yea but man smetimes i just read way too much into stuff :XD:
Ellygator's avatar
I hadn't even thought about that, but that was a good study in betrayal, too. Where Voldemort lured Harry to the ministry...
Deathcomes4u's avatar
:3 u mean i did gud? yay! 8D
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it's lovely and I can see this being in his lab, getting ready for it's change into potion ingredients. Lovely detail on the flowers and the blades!
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Thanks, I really had a lot of fun with the textures in this one.
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