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HP Tarot - 12 The Hanged Man

(2008) 5 1/2" x 10 1/2" Pencil on Paper. Processed and framed in Photoshop.

The Hanged Man is a difficult card when drawn. Typically it makes us feel like we've been hung out to dry. You have no firm ground under your feet, old securities have turned upside down, and you have little control over your situation or how to get yourself out of it. You kind of have to bear with it, take it as time to learn and examine your beliefs.

Sometimes the card can also indicate the need for some contrary thinking. Take a chance, don't follow your usual blind instincts, do the opposite of what everyone and everything urges you to think. Perhaps you just decide it doesn't matter so much right now. Take a dangle and enjoy the unexpected view...

Well, I had to pick "Snape's Worst Memory" for this one, even though it emphasizes all that is uncomfortable and unhappy about this card, and less of the positive aspects that can be found in it as well.

Still Snape teaches us a valuable lesson as the subject of this card. If we fight it (by lashing out and calling a good friend a mudblood, for example) we're only making it worse. This card can only be effectively dealt with by accepting a certain amount of humiliation and loss of control and bearing it with patience. The Sin-eater or the Sacrifice are better archetypes to tap into than Pride and Wrath.
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Hi I hope I'm not too late but are you still selling these? Your artwork is stunning and I would adore a set of these! I've been lusting over them for many months. I don't use this site as often as I should but if you could sent me an email address with any information, my email address is 

Thank you!
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I was directed here from a post on tumblr, which also said that you are selling these cards, is that true? Your artwork is truly beautiful!!!
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Thank you, and yes, I do sell the deck as private prints. I got permission from JKR's agent to publish the deck, but WB never responded to my repeated requests (positive or negative), so I never found a publisher. However, I got a private printing service to transfer the deck to cardstock and once it's cut it has the quality of a commercially produced deck.

For a set of cardstock prints (four cards to a page, printed back and front which you'd need to cut out yourself) I charge $80, for a cut deck I charge $100. If you're interested, please note me and we can work out the logistics.
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This is an amazing series. I love the hanged man and I love Snape, so this may be my favourite card. :D
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Thank you! I remember actually thinking of the tarot when I first read the chapter. I think it was the very first card in my mind where I knew what I was going to draw for it.
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No problem, it's really great. :D
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this is the best idea behind a card, and one of the best cards when it comes to the final result. very nice composition & technique. bravo! :clap:
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Thank you. Weirdly enough it was an association I had already the first time I read that scene - when it came to doing the drawing I just knew it had to be it.
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indeed it had to be. well done ^^
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One of your best cards by now :-)
I like the chapter in the book. And after reading your comment to this picture, I think it fits very good :-)
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It seems to be what happens when you find justice without the temperance of mercy. I am not sure I think Snape deserved what he got but when you lash out in anger you generally get a dose of it back. Snape may have been hung by his anger too as it was hard to let go and forgive. Well drawn!
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That's a good point. I think that's part of him as a tragic hero, that much of his pain was not forced on him by the circumstances but rather self-inflicted.
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incredible!! :D wonderful choice of scene...
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I finally get to see this!!!! :wow: :wow:
Fantastic! The composition is JUST perfect, for the first time it's not portrait-y or art-nouveau, it has the kind of depth and motion that I like. It's unexpectedly cropped - so... Degas.
And.... wow! You've used a younger version of Rickman! YAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!! Just like I do! :love:
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I am so glad you like it. It took me a while to convince myself to go with this kind of composition that truly felt like a departure, but I guess that's what the Hanged Man does, shift perspectives. And yeah, while I thought they did a fair job picking out the actor for young Snape, I still wanted me some Rickman in there - just for continuity's sake...
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Like it? I love it!.... Truth is I haven't seen such a composition coming from you, and it's so fresh.
Alec Hopkins was ok.... but he was no Rickman. He didn't look like him at all after all....
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Brilliant card! I always liked the idea of a young Severus, but I didn't like the guy they took for the movie. But your young Severus is really good! And I think the scene fits for this card.
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Thank you! I was so glad I found a picture of young Alan. He was in a Shakespeare production of Romeo and Juliet in very tight tights and with a very silly hat when they snapped it...
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Amazing. I think both the art itself and the interpretation are wonderful.
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Thank you! Glad you like it.
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You're welcome! :)
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wow. The degree of detail here is stunning.
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I love the attention to detail. I am absolutely mesmerized by Snape's hair.

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