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HP Tarot - 10S Destruction

((2008) 5 1/2" x 10 1/2" Pencil on Paper. Processed and framed in Photoshop.

Finally, the last set of four. After this you'll see other stuff from me again.

Newsflash: JKR's publishers have responded very positively to my request - WB's mail is still on it's way (they prefer requests to go by snail-mail rather than email)...

In the 10s all elements are subjected to full materialization. The 10s are dominated by the planet Earth. They are the most solid and crystallized manifestation of each suite.

For the Swords this is not an easy influence to deal with. It signifies that we see things as they really are – no wishful thinking, no illusions, no hope. We have reached the end of the line, be it in a job, in a relationship or a personal matter, and now we have to make the conscious decision to face the consequences.

In this way the card is related to XIII Death and XVI The Tower. However, in the two major arcana the need to let go is more of a development forced by outward developments, be it organic or catastrophic. In contrast to that the 10 of Swords forces us to bring about the end ourselves.

In a spread this may mean that we finally realize we are in a dead-end job or in a relationship that’s going nowhere, and we take the initiative and hand in our notice or separate from our partner. We literally pick up the sword and cut ourselves off.

The card shows a dementor with ten talon-like claws bending over his next victim. The image can be interpreted as a warning. If we do not accept the harsh message of this card and continue fooling ourselves that things will somehow improve if we just wait a little longer we end up like those poor witches and wizards whose encounter with a dementor has left them as soulless and unconscious husks of their former selves.
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Spooky. Love the hands.
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! I found a screencap where a dementor sticks his hand into one of the compartments on the Hogwarts Express and those bony fingers looked totally creepy. I combined that with the "face" of the dementor that was trying to suck the life out of Dudley and was hovering over him and it came out as a nice spooky combination.
tombraiderfan1's avatar

I just have one thing to say I suck at drawing so if i'm wrong sorry, its hard to tell its the clock, strange because it goes from dark to the light aroud its mouth but you could make the cloak a lil more obvious, mind u thats me being picky

its amazing though
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you, and yes, there is very little definition, unfortunately, because the reference shots I got of any of the dementors were just blurry messes...
tombraiderfan1's avatar
:nod: I just pause the dvd and draw but its hard to get a decent close up
Ellygator's avatar
I gues the film-makers did it on purpose to make them look even more frightening. If you can really look at something in a lot of detail quite often it becomes less menacing... Too bad for us artists...
droxy's avatar
wow! That's scary! But I love this book interpretation of the dementor. This is what they should look like.
Ellygator's avatar
Thanks! I just had a blast drawing those bony, spidery hands. I used to hate drawing hands, now I find it quite interesting...
xxHoneyxx's avatar
it's quite creepy...but i like it
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you. Had fun with the talons!
VVraith's avatar
Great job on the Dementor. You did a good job capturing its scariness.
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you. I thought they did a great job with the fabric covered skulls with just the opening for the mouth...
emey's avatar
:O :O Brilliant One, scary :O but so beautifully done :thumbsup:
Ellygator's avatar
Thanks! Had fun with the hands!
emey's avatar
YEAH That's the True Quality of a genuine Artist :thumbsup: Most welcome :)
ElkStarRanchArtwork's avatar
This is such a scary image. Well drawn and perfect for this card! It gives me the heeby-jeebies!
Ellygator's avatar
Thank you! I'd been wanting to get a dementor in there ever since someone said they'd make a good Death card (which I thought was to negative and extreme), but for the 10 of Swords it was perfect!
Zethara's avatar
This one gave me chills...
Ellygator's avatar
Thanks - I had fun with the spidery hands...
Verlisaerys's avatar
It's scary but I like it! I think dementors are some of the creepiest magical creatures.
Ellygator's avatar
Yeah, I had some folks suggest I use a dementor for XIII Death, but it made so much more sense for this card. It's like horror on steroids...
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