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Blackwork Cuff

(2006) 4"x 8", delica beads (pearl white, matte black, grey rose luster) black onyx beads for the closure, nylon thread.

This blackwork-inspired cuff is different for me as I did a peyote pattern that oriented not from the top to the bottom of the piece but from side to side which makes the curvature of the cuff more rigid but provides increased stabilitiy to the quite aggressively increasing and decreasing pattern.

The cuff can be closed on the side with three large black onyx beads.
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I've featured this bracelet in my article on beadwoven cuffs [link]
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Thanks so much - just left a message there.
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The design & the colors are amazing!
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Thanks so much!
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Jetzt bin ich fast eifersüchtig, dass ich Dein 50K-Spiel nicht mitgespielt habe. Das ist aber ein schöner Preis, den der Gewinner hier bekommt! Aber das Spiel hat Spaß gemacht, gell? ;) Ich hatte kürzlich auch eins, ich bekam meinen 30K Pageview 50 Minuten vor Neujahr. Das war toll! :D Allerdings hatte ich drei Gewinner. Zum Glück bist Du nicht in diese Lage gekommen, sonst hättest Du jetzt ein kleines Problem! :lol:
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Tja, ich haette nicht gedacht, dass es so schnell vorueber sein wuerde... Die Leute muessen geklickt haben wie verrueckt... Aber Du hast recht, in drei Teile geschnippelt waere das Armband laengst nicht so gut...
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Bei mir war es genauso! Die Leute waren echt voll bei der Sache, und es ging am Ende rasend schnell. :D Schon verrückt, irgendwie.
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hmmm bones:D give me that:P
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LOL! Glad you like it. Thanks!
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like it?...nooo i love it:D
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For this one a very like the coloration!
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Thank you! I wanted to go bold with the black on light.
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You are welcome! Bold? Like to put in evidence the dark black with the white? Well the effect on this is very great! And you put grey also in the black that give and effect of light
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You make some shit hot stuff. Really like tha pattern in this, looks like some crazy snakeskin.
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Thank you! I like the idea of having a wearable tattoo...
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awesome!i like ur work!its soo cool!
ever edited a pair of sneakers???that wud be soo cool!
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Thank you! And no, I haven't. I'd have to snag someone else's 'cause I don't own any myself.
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That is simply amazing...
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Thank you very much!
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For some reason I'm seeing bats in this one :) Its beautiful and amazing craftsmanship as always
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LOL! At least it's a departure from the fish... I like that the Chinese think the bat is a symbol of luck, so that would make it a lucky bracelet!
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The pattern does resemble fish and I must be the umpteenth person who said it now, and the black and white makes the design all the more striking. A highly original piece, very beautiful too.
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