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The Nanny

A scenic commission for Madam via Discord! This was so much fun. I've been dying to get my grabby handson the Jacob sheep bepotelkh, and I've finally done it MUAHHA
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GOD I love this scene!!! It's so pretty and everything is so well rendered! <3

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Thank you so much!!! :D

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this is soooo pretty! i adore how you did the clouds ;w; so fwuffy. of course the beps all look amazing <3 great work!

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thank you!!! i just sat there playing with the clouds for a long time because it was so fun. bubble bubble!

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I want to BE THERE



You and @WildImagnation have been awarded 5 gildes each! I think. Please let me know if I had the wrong commissioner lol

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Nope, that's right, thank you!! I'm just awful with names, we all know this....... >->

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OOOOOOH I adore the background!! it's so pretty and springlike and you scattered the flowers just right! the beps look great too I am just very focused on backgrounds atm lol

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AAAAAAA thank you!! I have been doing so few backgrounds lately I was nervous!! But I had fun with those flowers XD

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Thank you so much for doing this! I love it and it just says spring!

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I'm so glad it was what you were hoping for!!

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