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Back Online

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It's been a really long while since the last time I uploaded some work, and even longer since I used this journal so, yes, let's just change that! ^^

Anyway, the truth is there's a good reason: for the last year I've been doing a concept art degree at the Joso Comic School (www.facebook.com/EscolaComicJo…) and I really felt like I had to focus on that above everything else...

Now, I have to say it was an amazing experience: I was challenged, and that helped me learn a lot.  I also a lot of amazing artists, people that now I have the honour of calling my friends...

In any case, it was time get back online again so, here I am :D

Anyway, to begin with, I just uploaded one of the concepts for my final project: The Last Travel.

I will be uploading some more work in the upcoming days, so, well, I hope you like it!!!

Ash Lake by Ellixus

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Down the rabbit hole: Rabbit hole

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As it happened before, I've been waiting for some excuse to write another journal entry, and this time I'd like to celebrate reaching the 1002 watchers!!! :D

Now, what I'd really like to celebrate lies somewhere else though,... as I've mentioned in my previous journal (and also implied in this entry's title), it really isn't about the stats, but what they imply.

In the first place, they mean that, in one way or another, you guys are enjoying my work... and that's my primary reward.

I've always been in love with fantasy (in broad sense of the term), and at the same time, with the "ability for fantasy".
Of all things human, in my opinion, this is among the ones we should truly be grateful: the ability to go beyond, to live not only in this world, but to create others; to travel and explore by the means of the mind.

To be able to dream and create.

I can't explain this better, I simply don't have the words, but whenever I use this "ability" to shape my fantasies, something in the process feels otherworldly, like magic; and it feels right, it feels good. And then, when I share what I have done, and I see that people like it, even if it is just one person, I know that "magic" is happening again: the things we create, they don't simply stand in the room like furniture, they change the landscape, they open a door where a wall was before, they trace a path, they ask a question; and at the same time, they do not remain quiet, they are moving force: every dream we share it's the fuel to another's dreaming.

So, like I said, I really can't explain but I can say it feels good and right.

Secondly, it's the support, of course.

There's anything to explain here; just say, as I have in other occasions, that it really means a lot. Going back to my previous idea, a dream only has meaning if you can share it with others. So thanks everyone for every message, comment, fave, watch, whatever,...

Thank you for being there.

Now, I don't really have more to add, but since we are here (and in case you haven't already), I'll take this opportunity to invite to look at some of the works in my gallery:

In the first place:

Tymor - Turncoats by Ellixus      Tymor - Hidden treasure by Ellixus

I did this two for Tymor, a strategy board game set in fantasy world, developed by Rex G. Baker IV.
I've recently learnt they've started a new kickstarter campaign to fund the final stage of the production, so if you like strategy games,
I would totally recommend you to go and take a look at its page to learn more about it and if you like it, support this awesome project!


And last but not least:

Burning Suns - Leviathan Homeworld by Ellixus     Burning Suns - Wraith Homeworld by Ellixus

Yes! These two belong to Burning Suns! Another strategy board game, developed by Emil Larsen, and set in vast sci-fi universe.
As some of you should probably know, I've been a part of the illustration team for a while now so, when I say it's a vast universe, it's not a mere courtesy.
But don't take my word for it, you should go and check their website:


Finally, more number-related stuff: recently, I noticed a small increase on my pageviews, and I've been wondering why... usually this only happens when I submit some work, but this time, well, I haven't.
So, I'd like to ask you people, specially those who found my gallery recently, how did you get here. Essentially, I'd like to know this because, if someone has recently share my work somewhere, I would like to thank him/her.

Anyway, it's just a silly curiosity.

See you around!!!
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For months I've tried to find an excuse to use this journal and then, just a while ago, I found out that one of my works was chosen as a Daily Deviation (follow the thumb below if you want to check it out). So, that's even better than an excuse, that's a reason...

Now, I just want to thank for this commendation, not only to those one who have suggested and featured the work, but everyone who has faved and/or commented my work, has added me to his/her watchlist or just spent a few minutes to check out my gallery.

I'd like to clarify that, whenever I thank someone for some of those things, it's not about my DA statistics, but what it simbolizes. In other words, I believe each piece of art has the ability to move us, offering a special vision of our reality, or transporting us to an entirely different world in which we may live an exciting adventure, or just giving us a reason to think about a specific topic. For a moment, it gives us a relief, allowing us to be a part of something which is beyond this world, but even when we come back, we're not the same as before, it leaves its track in our soul. Of course this is not the only reason why an artist do his/her work, but it's the way I feel it as a viewer and therefore what I try to achieve.

So, in short, whenever someone lets me know, in any way, that he/she likes my work, I feel happy because there's a chance he/she might have felt that way… ^^

Anyway, again, thanks everyone for your support, it really means a lot! ^^


Forgotten by Ellixus
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