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Sleeping Leviathan

Another illustration for my personal project "The Last Travel", this time, one of the many dangers the main character will have to face in order to complete his journey...

I hope you like it! :D


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estou realmente entusiasmado com sua arte,  parabéns !
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Muito obrigado!!! :D
Vivern-of-Nosgoth's avatar
So pleasure art. Really great workClap 
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Thank you very much! 

I'm happy that you like it! :D
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What time is it? It's time to GO ALL MOE HOWARD ON THAT EYEBALL, bruh!

And as long as I'm here, I suppose I may as well tell you that this picture makes me feel...well, the best way to describe it is... Emoticon: Washington's Mind = Blown 
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Well, I glad that you feel that way!

Thanks for your comment!! ^^
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the Elder God, that bastard's everywhere!
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Wow, is that Soul Reaver?!

100% Nostalgic now! ^^
Kigama's avatar
you also played that! ^^
that's not Soul Reaver, but LoK: Defiance
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I really like this.  Fantastic concept creature.  Great composition and balance.
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Thank you! 

I'm happy that you like it!! ^^
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That eye! Great work.
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Thank you very much! ^^
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Isn't it usually spelled 'Leviathan'?
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Oops, you're right! ^^U
I'll fix it later, thanks for pointing that out! :)
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Welcome, welcome
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These types of creatures are always cool!
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I'm glad you like it!
Thanks for leaving a comment!
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This is just terrific.
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Thank you very much!!!
I'm glad you like it!!! ^^
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Beautifully eerie.  Puts me in the mind of Cthulhu and other Lovecraftian horrors *shivers*
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Yes, I really like the work of Lovecraft, so I can't deny its influence! ^^

In any case, I'm glad that you find my work evocative!!!

Thanks for leaving a comment!! :D
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