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Into the machine

Ok, here is what I want to call my first concept for my post-apocalyptic sci-fi project, although, I have to say it really isn't my first nor it is a proper concept, since I've been doing sketches for some time now and this image it's the result of merging and refining all those into one piece (among other experiments)...

So, it's taken me a while to develop this image, but I believe it has also help me to learn a lot and also generate many ideas that will allow me to continue my projecy in the future...

So, changing the subject, the new year has arrived!!!

...yes, like a week ago.

Ok, not really any news, but anyway, with the new year came the infamous new year resolutions. Now, I usually don't pay much attention to this, I mean, I rather not wait for a year to end in order to take a resolution (any other day also work for me) but this time my latest resolution and the new year happened to meet, so... new year resolution...

Whatever... my point is, I decided to slightly change my way of working, that is, doing more concept and less illustration... so I'll probably start submitting more loose works... at least I hope so... let's see how that goes...

Anyway, as always, I thank everyone who has faved, watched, commented or just spent a few seconds to take a look at my gallery; I really appreciated your support and it makes me really to know that (at least some of you) have enjoyed my work so far... I'll certainly keep trying to improve in any way I can... yeah, that's another new year resolution! ^^

Cheers!!! :D


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Saw this on my twitter feed, totally amazing!
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I'm curious how it got there!!!

But in any case, I'm glad you like it!!!

Thanks! ^^
Xeir-Zith's avatar
each day DA staff pick a deviation and then tweet it on their feed, it showed up there; I think its a Daily tweet :)
Ellixus's avatar
Oh, I had no idea!

Thanks for info!! ^^
Xeir-Zith's avatar
It was through this image that I also found part of an industerial zone for a roleplaying game I am part of, with your permission may we use the picture ?
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Sure, I would only ask you that, if you plan to upload it to any site, please add some credits or link to the actual source.

Other than that, there's no problem, feel free to use it :)
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Many thanks! I give credit where credit is due, and in this case credit goes to you for the creation of this! It is an amazing piece I am glad it showed up on my twitter feed!
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esta muy genial!!!
me imagino que están escoltando a un prisionero, por eso tanto guardia.
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Me alegra que te guste!!! 

En realidad están escoltando un VIP, aunque en baja resolución no se llega a ver! 

Igual más adelante subo un detalle, para la que se pueda apreciar un poco más! ^^

Gracias por comentar!!! ^^
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I love how you can see so many people in different places here :) I keep looking for them XD
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Thanks! I'm glad to know that you enjoy it! :D
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Thanks I'm glad you like it!! :D
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Very detailed indeed. Wow -this is beautiful :)
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I'm glad you like it! Thank you very much for your support! :D
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 Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] increíble, increíble!
Ellixus's avatar
Muchas gracias!! Me alegra que te guste!!! ^^
lonesoldier54's avatar
This reminds of Blade Runner and Deus-Ex 2, both of awesome, a post apocalypses where the world has sort gone to hell
Ellixus's avatar
I'm glad to hear that! I haven't played Deus-Ex, but I did have Blade Runner in mind when I started working on this piece. Now, the background story for my project it's a little different than Philip K. Dick's world, but in essence it's that: a post apocalyptic world where everything is gone wrong... ^^

Thanks for leaving a comment! :)
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Wow. I am in awe. What an amazing concept. It feels massive, and the colours are stunning. Really nice work on this.
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