W2 Pledging Loyalties

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Word Count: 723

Characters: CCCat Erik and Crook Myir

A rough week after the eerie encounter, Erik had done nothing but prepare and devote himself to the cause of turning tables. Bringing syringes of questionable value, blades, and sharpening his own assets, Erik was ready to rip and tear. He was to meet Myir in the same alley a minute before midnight, when they would make their way within the city walls.

When he last checked the time, he knew he'd make it there on the dot. "It's nice to see you again, Erik." Myir purred devilishly, tail flickering. "Are you ready to go higher than you've ever been?" Erik growled deeply, ears twitching. "I'm as ready as I'll ever be, Myir." "You've got quite the stash there, you're positive you wish to join m--" "Of COURSE, Myir." Erik growled, stepped forward as he straightened out on his hind legs. "I've waited my whole life for this moment. I will not falter in our cause, I will not stop until we've come out on top." He sneered, tapping an eerily pink syringe. "Whatever it takes."
As they walked on, Erik looked around. Nobody was in sight, stores were shutting down and people were finishing their walks. There were still some people around, though very few. “..I thought you had more followers for your cause.” Erik hissed when he heard something move passed them.” “I never go anywhere alone. We are not, they are simply capable of sneaking. No offense.” “None taken from you.” More figures dashed by, some stopping briefly to share a word or two with Myir, others nodding to Erik before they moved on. “We’re almost there....soon you’ll get to enjoy yourself.” “Excellent.”
It took another hour before the two made it to their planned destination, Myir ushering Erik into a corner as to keep from the eyes of some wandering Humans. “What now?” Erik questioned, ears dipping as he absent-mindedly reached for a syringe. “Now?” Myir shrugged, grinning wide. “We have some fun.” He quickly leapt up, jumping over a box or two before tuck-and-rolling, taking two civilians with him as he quickly bit into them, tail thrashing and head-tendrils writhing with glee.
That was all Erik needed to hear, leaping over the boxes on all fours, snarling like a madman. He pushed up and into the air, diving down into several boxes and violently throwing their remains at whoever was not on their side. Here, there were more people pulling all-nighters. “FINALLY.” Erik shouted, cutting people down like they were nothing, jamming syringes of all different colors into arms, legs, whatever their sharpened points could get into. Those who were stabbed dropped like flies, perhaps from some wickedly poisonous concoction Erik had been brewing the past week. The knives he carried, small enough, were thrown at anyone or anything that dared to run, the only thing he spared being those on Myir’s side and animals not taken by wormling’s or left behind by owners. It was the first time Erik truly laughed at something horrendous, save for the night he joined Myir.
“This is WONDERFUL.” Erik cooed grossly, following Myir’s path of destruction as he doubled it, bringing people along only to throw them from the rooftops. He was out of syringes by now, having used them too soon for his liking. It was worth it in the end, much was destroyed and no regret was left. Myir howled with laughter, watching Erik’s excitement for committing crime as he leapt rooftop to rooftop, tearing the tiles up and throwing them at people and objects below. They moved higher and higher, each level ending up worse than the last. Their destruction was endless, whoever had been following them had long since spread out further, catching glimpses of each other and smirking when they left.

By now, when the sun was ready to rise again, followers had left feeling awfully satisfied with their reign of chaos. Erik and Myir didn’t stop however, until they saw the sun rising. Erik pointed out another alley, and they dipped right into it. “How was that, Erik?” “By far the best thing I’ve done in long. The rush..the screams…the blood. I hope we do more.” “Oh, we will Erik…we certainly will.” They waited until the sun was uncovered before them, shining light on their crimes. There was no trace of them then.
This was rushed af my bad yo
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I loved the story!!!