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Word Count: 734 Words

Setting: Myir and Erik in an alley discussing his options. TL;DR, Erik pledges his loyalty after Myir sweetens the deal for him.

"I'm so glad you could join us, Erik." The wicked Crook snarled, a toothy grin oozing with drool widened as the bipedal beast met Eriks eyeless gaze. The four tendrils on the back of Myir's head writhed and twisted as he looked the beastly sized CCCat over. "You've so much to give, so little to lose...I wonder what could possibly drive you forward.”

"Just tell me what we're here for." Erik snapped, voice deep and dripping with anger, whether it was towards the Crook before him or not was debatable. Myir rumbled with a low-toned laughter, a clawed hand rising to slick back his ears for merely a second. "So eager are we to strike back, hm?" Myir paced around the large medical CCCat, whose tail was flickering back and forth in an act of minor intimidation, something outdone merely by the Crooks disturbing appearance. "These Humans are a waste. They're destroying Skire. Your kind FAILED us, Erik. You failed us, and you failed Skire--" "We did NOTHING--" "YOU LEFT US TO ROT." Myir roared, slamming the brick wall beside him angrily. His head-tendrils twisted angrily as the cool-composure slowly returned. "Whether you realize it or not, I see nothing but failure around us. So weak you've all become, it was a mistake keeping us locked away for so long. But it's time to PAY. It’s been so long; you and I both know how far we’ve fallen since this petty truce was made. CCCats are nothing but a joke, and us Crooks? We don’t even exist to ANY of you.”

Erik watched him warily, never letting the Crook circling him out of his sight. “You choose now to take your stand, it’s a wonder you didn’t grow a spine and take back what you think is yours sooner.” Myir shot him a deadly glare, tail flickering in displeasure. “You and I both know that’s not really what you think. We, no, -I-, see what you go through I’ve seen your partner. You’re just as angry as the rest of us.” Erik snarled at the mention of his mate, slamming a fist down. “I don’t know what kind of sick game you’re playing, but you leave him OUT OF THIS. THIS IS NOT HIS BATTLE.” “So, you DO have something to live for. I see now! HAH, you will make a fine addition to our cause, surely.”

Erik growled lowly, the two now circling around each other. "Then what will you do about it, you twisted beast." Myir snorted. "I see...potential here. I see potential in YOU. You're so nasty to the Humans, you do nothing but wallow in hatred--" "How do you know ANYTHING about me--" "I know it from the look in your eye. You want to do so much to them, but you cannot. Wouldn't it feel rejuvenating if everyone feared you like they should? Fear US?" Myir grinned wickedly as Erik lowered his head briefly, mouth shut in contemplation. Myir continued. “Think about it. For your partner, for that excuse of a life you live crawling around the darkest parts of Skire, letting that hatred boil inside of you. And now? You have us, we’re willing to fight for our freedom. If you join us, you can finally taste the vengeance you’ve been craving. Erik snarled, looking up at Myir. "What exactly do we get out of this." "Oh? We get so much. We can push the Humans lower, we can kick them out if we choose! Crooks and CCCats will be on top, where we BELONG. They're using you as PETS. AS FOOLS. IT'S TIME THEY THINK TWICE ABOUT THEIR MISTAKES." The Crook bellowed, stomping his foot harshly while his tendrils writhed once more, tail flickering wildly.

What stopped his fit of physical anger was the deep, rumbling laugh that left Erik. He'd stood up on his hind legs, laughing so hard, so wickedly that it may have given even the Crook a chill up his spine. "Oh rich. Too good to be true." He stated, looking Myir in the eye. "What is your decision, Erik. This may be your only chance at a taste of the vengeance you’ve deserved for so long.”

Erik grinned evilly as Myir stuck his clawed hand out, Erik's own reaching to grasp and shake it firmly, Myir’s face twisting into a gruesome smile.

"Where do we begin, Myir.”

CCCats/Crooks @/Wellhidden
Erik is mine
Myir is WellHiddens
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Who's Erik's mate? And would they be on halik's side?
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eriks mate is rocket, he belongs to Animefanbyheart but i haven't heard a word from the owner so i have no idea ^^; they kind of vanished off the radar
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Which of his CCCats is Rocket?… (they have a lot of CCCats lmao)
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{453} Summer Chills by CCCompendium this one XD
yE shes got a frick ton LMAO
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