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Word Count: 706

Characters: Erik and Myir

After leaving destruction in their wake, it was only a matter of time before their stamina ran dry. Myir was panting more and more, while Erik’s moves were stalling and coming up short, his breath just as heavy. “I think we can take a breather, Myir.” Erik grunted, coming to a stop as he tosses a brick over his shoulder. Myir head-tendrils flickered and twisted around themselves as he stopped, looking Erik over. Both of them were bloody, bruises here and there while dirt coated their pelts. However, this did not phase Myir as he huffed pridefully. “We can keep going, just move slower.”

Erik stared him down, growling deeply. “Myir, we must rest, look around you and see nobody else has the energy anymore to fight.” Though he refused to believe it, Myir did indeed give everyone a onceover. CCCats and fellow Crooks were moving along at a slugs pace, some weren’t even conscious anymore, for they’d pushed themselves passed their limit and into the depths of pure exhaustion. Myir sighed, shoulders easing as he looked for a place they could take shelter in. “I….suppose you are right, Erik. We will rest until the morning.” Erik ‘hrumphed’, pleased with this answer as he too followed Myir to safety.
Once they’d found a suitable place to rest, Myir set himself up in the corner with bandages and wound them around his long limbs, his tail flickering mindlessly while the tendrils on his head curled around themselves, twisting and flickering in content. “You should rest too, then. Get someone to patch you up, no?” Myir prodded, head tilting curiously as he watched Erik stomp in and simply plop down, curling into a large mass of fur and bruises. Erik only lifted his head, gazing at Myir for a moment or two before looking back down. “I do not need medical attention. I just need rest, and we will all be ready for the next day.” “Then why are your shoulders so tense?” Erik grumbled beneath his breath, but said nothing.

Again, Myir prodded. “If we are to rest and care for ourselves, then you will do the same.” Erik growled softly in response, rolling over to face Myir. “Fine then, if that is what you wish, it will be done. With that, the Beastly CCCat brought himself to a feral stand, trotting to Myir’s side with a loud THUMP. He managed to curl himself back up again, but not before holding a hand out to the Crook. “When you’re finished, I would like the bandages….please.” Myir snorted, he’d never heard anything close to correct mannerisms from the Medical CCCat, so this was quite amusing to him. Nonetheless he handed Erik what he needed, watching him address his wounds slowly. “You must have done this before, surely.” Erik blinked. “Done what?” “First Aid, you’re precise. Then again, you look like you were born in a hospital, that must have been beneficial to you, was it not?”

Erik looked down quickly, much to Myir’s surprise. “I don’t want to talk about the hospital.” Erik hissed, working on his wounds again. Myir cocked his head to the side, smirking lightly. “Why? Not a good experience?” “No.” “I bet it was the Humans fault, right?” “…..” Erik had stopped mid-wrap, staring at the cut he’d been patching up. “Being around Humans is the worst thing that could happen to Skire. After the way they treated me…treated us…treated you, it would be more beneficial if they were eradicated from our home.” Myir snorted, but nodded with some small ounce of sympathy for the large CCCat. “I see..I see.” Myir tapped his chin lightly, snapping his fingers while his tail lay flat, he knew he would fall asleep soon.
“Tell you what, Fluffy.” He dismissed Erik’s glare. “Once this is all over, and we take Skire back, we’ll get you a nice, new home. A new life and a new role. Those pesky Humans will regret what they did to you, as they will regret what they’ve done to the rest of us. Vermin like them don’t deserve to walk the streets comfortably.” Erik merely ‘murrred’ in response, curling up completely once he’d finished tending to himself. “Sounds like a plan to me."
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The last sentence ends a bit abruptly, but otherwise a good story~
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oHmg i didn't even notice that it cut off
my blind aSS
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it happens haha