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No Longer Mine!

Edit as of 6/25/2021, Lazuli--now known as Moshe(Moss) as per their new owner--no longer belongs to me! I traded them off ages ago.

Yep, surprise!
I got another CCCat not too long ago
and she is my baby,,,,my sona,,,my everything
i love her so much!!

she'll probably be, aside from Lustre one of the first few Skire Species i own to wear clothes LOL.

But yeah! this is her TH uwu</s>

Base and Feral were made by @/WellHidden !!
The Blood and Saliva were from @/HydraTeeths base uwu
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Cute! The blood and saliva is from Hydrateeth's base btw, but he took the base down a while back hence why you couldn't find it.
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OHHH! ty for telling me! I'll update that X3
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tyyy X3 i love her so m uc h