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(Deltarune) Susie Talk Sprites

I actually really like Susie, it was a very neat character so there you have some sprites. No, they aren't edits
(If you want to use my sprites, consult me)Undertale Sans Brows Emoji

Undertale by Toby Fox[Annoying Dog Emote] DogWantTLC

Deltarune by Toby FoxHo Ho Ho!
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Mind if I can use this for a meme?

hey look its barney's daughter
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Susie's awesome. She's my favorite character from Deltarune.
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Same here. I love how dynamic her character is.
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Dat one at the far right though :happybounce: 
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Just added some new faces xd
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Well they look great! :D (Big Grin) 
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hello! i was wondering if i could use these icons? it would be for roleplay because im a big weird nerd

i will ofc credit you :0

thx in advance!
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Sure, don't worry.
Just credit me ^v^
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Heya, you made an awesome sprite sheet of her faces, do you mind if I use them for my artworks? :D

I may also try to use your face sprites as a base for making new expressions for Susie that wasn't in the game.
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Sure, just credit me.
And thanks
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The many faces of Susie. Some quite scary I'd say
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could I have one of those faces as my icon? I would credit you but if not thats okay too!
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Hello! Can I use these sprites in a video? I will credit you
EllistandarBros's avatar
Sure, as long as you credit me
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I'd like to use them for an animatic bro would it be cool with you? 
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Sure, just credit me pls 😅
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mind if i use one as a discord pfp?
EllistandarBros's avatar
Sure, I don't mind
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Awesome sprites, dude. Can I use or "borrow" them for.. I dunno.. small reactions in a video (let me quickly save this side so I can always credit you properly. i'll legit do that) or for profile pictures? I won't give them away to others though (since you probably know why).
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