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(Deltarune) Beta Susie and Ralsei Talk Sprites

So basically Toby posted recently some concept art of Deltarune… and I though, I could do some sprites of this, so there upu have it. A more friendly Susie and a more goofy looking Ralsei.
(If you want to use my sprites, consult me)Undertale Sans Brows Emoji

Undertale by Toby Fox[Annoying Dog Emote] DogWantTLC

Deltarune by Toby FoxHo Ho Ho!

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I have Samuna in my dick.
RonaTheRTD's avatar
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this aint r/cursedcomments the fuck
RonaTheRTD's avatar
..where the fuck did you come from?
TheUnderaBananaArt's avatar
can i use the asriel sprites for a mod?
PieRiteYT's avatar

these look better than the in game sprites

pac2005's avatar
where's the ridiculous ms paint hidden in files ralsei sprite
kill-soni's avatar
ralsei is frisk as goat?Flowey's Trollface 
latifacat's avatar
i couldn't stop laughing at beta ralsei and beta susie on toby's sketch
EllistandarBros's avatar
They were funny looking yeah XD
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I love how Beta Susie looks like an ACTUAL Susie. The Susie we have now is just... well her name is just an anagram for Issue. Also, I'm a Susie fanboy-
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Well, I'm not really sure that Susie is an anagram 😅.
Could be just a coincidence XD
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Susie is, well, reckless and a bully. She wants to hurt all misunderstood monsters of the Dark world. Kris and Ralsei lose her at the start of the journey, doesn't even help at all, and almost killed Lancer.

That's an issue right there.

Oh my God, I just made a pun.
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Idk to me the beta sprite’s look like undertale (DONT tell me it’s the color it’s not that I don’t really know what IT is)
Smoke-The-Pyroling's avatar
I liked Ralsei while he/she (Could've been female in beta form) was still a goat.
EllistandarBros's avatar
Tecnically, and SPOILER if you didn't finished Deltarune, is still a goat like monster 😅
Smoke-The-Pyroling's avatar
And I can assume that taking the genocide route keeps him that way, correct?
EllistandarBros's avatar
There isn't really a full Genocide Route. You can't kill. All the monsters run away and there is one boss that you can't kill. I don't know XS, the full game it's not finished xd
PapsTheRadSkatist's avatar
They're not monsters but a original race itself,wich is the Darkeners,and they're inspired in card games,as jevil being the jester,and the king being...the king xd
EllistandarBros's avatar
I call them monsters not like talking about the race, but just of what they are, non human creatures. I know their race is "Darkners"
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Where Is The "S h o u l d n ' t   Y o u   G u y s   B e   S t u d y i n g ? !" Face That Ralsei Makes?
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