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I've been against this change since the beginning and I'm really annoyed they're still going ahead with it and removing the classic style completely. My custom journal skins have been an important way to get people to visit my comic and apparently I will no longer be able to use them. They're the only reason I've paid for a core membership.

I'll still hop over to check my messages but it's very unlikely I'll keep posting here as much as before.

You can reach me best on Twitter, Patreon and Instagram and I -really- appreciate visits and comments on Tistow's website. ♥

Tistow: tistow.uk

Twitter: ElliPuukangas

Instagram: ElliPuukangas

Patreon: AlwaysRats

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3 min read

Hi everyone!

March and April have been wild.

I'm completely fully booked for the months of April and May. Anyone who has already contacted me will still have their commission honoured. I'll announce it here and on my social when I'm ready to take more again. ♥

I've been getting poked and prodded by folks on my social media an awful lot over Easter as some people recognised my style from posts made by Star Stable. The illustrations and little comic snippets are indeed drawn by me. We've kinda gently introduced my stuff to the players and I'm really chuffed how people have taken them on!

For those who don't know, Star Stable Entertainment is most famous for their adventure game called Star Stable Online.

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I've been made aware that people have been reposting my art without properly crediting me.

I'm really upset by this. I can see some of these reposts have had a fair bit of traction but it doesn't translate to any views on my own profiles. I don't have a huge following on any of my social media, so any sort of clicks, reblogs and likes really help people find me.

Please don’t repost my art without permission. It’s self-serving, rude and doesn’t help me. Cropping my watermarks out of the illustrations extremely so. Please realise a lot of the art I do are commissions and the rights to these works are held by the people who bought the piece.

I don't have an issue with folk using my work as their icons or backgrounds (I even provide different versions for that) or shares/mentions in 'stories' like on Instagram, but please link to my profile if you do. It's flat out reposting with no credit I'm completely against.

Below are ALL the places where I post art. These are the ONLY accounts where you can find me nowadays. If you find my art posted by anyone or anywhere else, please let me know.

Thank you everyone. ♥ I really appreciate all the shares, comments and likes. They brighten up my day and help me keep drawing.

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Happy Holidays!

3 min read

Gee it's almost been a year since I posted a journal entry.

I've been quite busy this year. I had a chance briefly to continue Tistow but that's had to take backstage because of my work. I'm still doing comics, just not mine.

You can find a bit more info on what's been happening on my Patreon. Other than that, I can't say much for now. Hopefully in the new year I'll be able to share more.

Thank you everyone who has stuck around despite my absence here on dA. I'm more active on Twitter and Instagram nowadays. Happy Holidays! Fingers crossed I'll have some happy news for you in the new year!

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Happy New Year!

3 min read

Happy new year and happy winter everyone!

I got gifted a Core Membership, I'm super chuffed by that! Thank you! ♥

This year has started super busy and I'm still trying to catch up on a lot of stuff. Tistow is still running but I'm going to keep the updates sporadic since my time to work on it is very limited. Thank you for sticking around everyone and for being so patient. ♥

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