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The Amazing Maurice

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...and His Educated Rodents.

I love this book. I had a lot of fun drawing all of them. ♥

Sardines, Peaches, Dangerous Beans, Darktan and Hamnpork. Not to forget Maurice himself.
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Very cool indeed!

[Cat Emote] Fancy

I love this! You are so talented! I am an IB grade school teacher who will be reading "The Amazing Maurice" with my class and wondered if I could use your art as a poster in my classroom display case.

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Only just seen this comment! Please feel free to if you can manage to print it out without it getting too pixelated. :D ♥ Would love to see a photo if you hang it up!

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AAaaaaAAaa Pratchett fan art! I love this book so much <3 I adore this drawing!

The first Discworld book I ever came across.
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Beautiful! I admire how you captured each of character's personality and gave them unique features so I could tell right away who is who. 
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Thank you so much! I'd love to do some scenes from the book some time ♥️
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Aww, this looks awesome!!
This is so nostalgic. That was the first Discworld Novel I've ever read.
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Oh my god, I love this. I'd pester you to draw more pictures of the characters but I don't want to bother you. It's one of my all time favourite books and needs more fan art. Love it.❤️❤️❤️
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I would honestly love to, but my free time is a bit limited, so it'll likely be super occasional. :'D
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I love this book so much. You really captured the way each rat looks and acts, especially Beans and Darktan.
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Thank you so much, that's such a high praise ♥
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Lovely illustration (and such a good book)! 
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oh my zeus this is beautiful
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Do you do commissions ?
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What you'll do / Wont
comic pages, Etc?
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I price per project. Drop me an email with your budget and we can take a look.
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