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This was great fun to do. Thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with the background.
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Great work. How's things going?

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These greens are so eye-catching and comforting~ Love the dappled sunlight. Really gorgeous work, all around!

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This looks like a part of a really fun fairytale :D

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I love how her clothes' patterns are continued/reflected on the horse! And the lighting, mood and colors are wonderful <3

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beautiful artwork ;D
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An absolutly incredible image!! :-D
Well done!! I'm sure there's a full story to be told here!
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This looks so warm and peaceful! I want to go there!
Wonderful job on the light and vegetation!!! :heart:
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Your art is always such a gift to see on my feed! This picture is stunning; I love the elements of it, the rich joy that just fills the entire piece! I can never get enough of your art. Someday I'd love to snag a commission from you if you ever open them up again~ <3
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Thank you so much for the nice comment! ♥ Feel free to prod me commissions wise, always happy to discuss them. :D
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I’ll definitely do that once the worst of this pandemic panic blows over! <3 And you’re so very welcome, your art brings me so much joy!
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Cheers! ♥ Let me know whenever!
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This is also great fun to see. This drawing made me very happy. Both the rider and the horse seem imbued with joy.

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This is beautiful, I seriously love your art so much :heart:
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Thank you so much! ♥ Glad to hear that
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