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My First OC, Toadetta

My OC, Toadetta. She's virtually me as a Toad. :D

Age: Whatever age Toadette's supposed to be
Gender: Female
Residence: A small house located on a hill beside Toad Town, Mushroom Kingdom
Best Friends: Toadette, Toad, Yoshi
Appearence Description: A normal-sized Toad with a pink cap with white spots a short, brunette hair. She wears a light red sundress with two gold buttons in the middle going down from her chest. She also wears normal brown shoes (Not visible because of the grass :P) and glasses with brown, wooden frames.
Favorites: Gardening, exploring, baking, and playing with her friends
Favorite Foods: Chocolate, Cake, and any type of Mushroom except for the hurtful ones. (Poision Shroom, Zombie Shroom, etc.)
Celebrity Crush: 9-Volt (He's a celebrity where she lives!)

DEVIATION INFO :deviation:

Mediums :pencil: Paint Tool Sai (I got it again! Yayz! :dummy:)

Time :painter: 50 minutes (I really didn't count, that's just an estimated guess. :hmm:)

No one, and I mean no one, can use this artwork with or without my permission. EVAAAAAAAAR. :stare:
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Awesome job. It's nice to see more Toad OC's around here. (Everybody wants to be a Koopaling or a princess for some reason.) Keep up the good work! :)