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Lady debie-chan tagged me.

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. You have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal. im not your bitch fuck u
4. Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them.
5. No tag backs.

1. I hate Star Wars and Hetalia with a burning passion;
2. I hate the words "haters", "oldschool" and "posers";
3. I hate grammar nazis. It's impolite to correct other people, and a pain in the ass too;
4. I hate, HATE smoking. I wish I could beat, rape, stab, eat the organs and burn the corpse of every person that smokes near me;
5. I have massive crushes on 2D characters mainly because they don't exist. Idk, bros, I suck at living;
6. Btw, my current crushes: images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__c… and 3.bp.blogspot.com/_K2kUIhzG7lc… ;
7. I'm addicted to social media;
8. I am always in bad mood irl;
9. I'm currently reading Homestuck;
10. Fedoras > Top Hats. Swords > Guns. Zebras > the entire animal kingdom.

The end.
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PamelecaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Também odeio essas palavras, só prestam pra encher o saco D:
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Sim. :/ Tanto o sentido quanto o uso delas são um pau no cu.
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debie-chanStudent General Artist
LOL eu também sou muito mal humorada irl
Percebi que quando eu to com sono, eu tenho cara de brava lololol
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>: As pessoas geralmente ficam com medo de mim porque eu sou/pareço muito séria, LOL.
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debie-chanStudent General Artist
LOL [2]