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050310 hair tutorial

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Well... I basically sketch something with any color, clean the lines, start the shading and edit what I'm not happy with. I cannot explain it right, then ask me and I'll try to answer. XD
A little help: [link] :heart:

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Tutorial © ~elliekun
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>-< This has helped me so much as far as detailing my hair! Thank you so so much!
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i luv this u did a great job
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i can't even do something this nice with gimp or paint.net
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Thank you! :)
I actually should upgrade this or do a new tutorial, I think it got too old...
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if u do i'll love to see it, i've been trying to learn to use MS paint to do hair, bases and all that, i even got a scanner and printer, but damn! it is hard, ur lucky to have such natural talents, and if u make a tutorial, i'll love to knowm so how do i add u as a friend
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Thanks! Even though I still think I've got too much to learn. :XD:
It's hard in the beginning indeed, but, when you work, you get used to it easily, mainly if you already like drawing on the paper. :D
I think I'll do a video tutorial, because it's much more dynamic and easier to understand.
Also, you can follow one's activities by pressing the +Watch buttom on the top of their profile, so you'll know when they upload new pieces, jornals, etc. :)
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ok, i'll watch u ;) to see when new tutorials are out, tnx for ur time :)
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Então é assim que você faz cabelos D8
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Na verdade eu faço de um jeito mais largado, mas é basicamente isso. \o\
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I've always loved the way you shade. ; 3 ;
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Thank you! :heart: <3
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No problem <3
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