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Hi, long time no speak!

Just been dealing with life, jobs etc.

However, I have a website! www.elliestokesphotography.com
Check it out if you want

Also if anyone would like to vote for these images, please do so! All you have to do is like the image




Thank you guys! Hope you're well!
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I have tumblr!

1 min read
Yeah I followed the crowd, thought I'd see what it's all about. Hope you like it


Please follow if you have tumblr, I'm a lonely sod...
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To be honest I'm really only writing a journal to use the skin aha, I like premium membership, it's fun.

I hope you're all good, I'm beginning to really get into my A-level photography project now, a month before it's due in aha, but I love it! It's the photography I want to do and I'm beginning to feel more and more confident in my photography now and decided that I want to take it firhter and hopefully make a career or something out of it.

Anyway, good day to you all!

OH and this photo is beaut, check it out!
St pauls cathedral by acrux53

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2 min read
I just realised that my last journal entry was over 2 years ago and looking back on it it's quite funny. I was 2 weeks away from going to college and being excited about it and now I'm just a few months of leaving it and can't wait to get away.

Well a lot has happened I suppose, I've taken a Photography A-level, which I don't think is my most wisest of decisions I must admit, I dislike it thoroughly however my own personal photography is coming on well. I've done some weddings and am now selling my photography in the form of cards. I love what I do, I now work in a pub and Marks and Spencers (which is a department type store for those not in England). So life's not going too badly.

Yeah I've just not been on deviantart, which is bad I know and I'm sorry to watchers and the people I watch etc, I've been a pointless member for the last year pretty much.

After college I have no idea what I want to do, I do wanna do the cliche thing and travel the world but I want to travel the world to take images and almost do a social documentary on all the people in the world. Which I also know has been done many times before but I'd still love to, so if anyone knows of anyway of doing that, I would love to find out!

Anyway, I think this is probably enough of boring writing to give you but I wish you well in all you achieve and hope to achieve and as artists I wish you the greatest amount of inspiration and creativity that the world has to offer and grasp it with both hands, manipulate it into something beautiful that you will cherish for a life time.
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1 min read
Well I think my photography has come back to me, I think I'm taking all right photos again and I have received great support for it so thank you ever so much (:

Nearly at college...two weeks time, quite excited actually and I get my GCSE results on Tuesday which I'm also looking forward to getting, I like getting results (weird I know) but I do. Hopefully I've done all right. College is gonna' be fun though, get to finally learn photography properly and here's hoping I get a different angle and do some different things (like people)

I've joined two groups recently which are quite good groups and they're for animals so if you like animals and do art surrounding them look at them, they're good (:

Photography-Frenzy group photographic-animals.deviantar…
AnimalFrenzy group animalfrenzy.deviantart.com/

Thank you again for the continued support.

Ellie x
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