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Secret Love Kigo 70

. . . LOL XD I bet no one expected this. . . They are so smart.

X3 That plasma beam went right through the electric monster... towards the SOURCE of what made the monster... The Towers! XD

No Tower= No Big ass Electric thing about to shock your ass to oblivion.

XD Enjoy the simple page that is 70.

Page 71: [link]
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yaaaaayy firewarks.
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*needs to get on more*

I fell behind againnn D: But now I'm caught up, yay!
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Quite Clever! In these times, most people would probably go around it, making it easier for it t get in their way.
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Yay! Pretty explosions!
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Brilliant tactics *nodnod* I guess that a head-shot would be pretty useless in this case, huh?
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SERIOUSLY a very Explosive Light and Sound Effect.:)^_^:)
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I bet Electronique is pissed XD
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Clever, clever people... nice plasma rifle too.

Oh, and the soundtrack in my head at this point in the comic is FFVII Bombing. It suits it well :P
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yay!!!! take that you ugly woman!!! XD
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YAY FOR SMARTS!!! BOO for big electik killer monster
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Pretty effects
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Also, I love the plasma riffle X3
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WOO! thats is so....sound effecty XD
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