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Enchanted forest

By ellfi
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A home and a place of refuge for so many creatures....
line drawing using rotring pens 0.13 0.18 0.25
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Aug 17, 2010, 3:02:12 PM
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ZandKfan4ever57Hobbyist Writer
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When I first seen this piece, I already felt I wasn’t qualified to find anything at all wrong and still couldn’t. Also whenever I do provide a critique I like to study and reflect on what I get from this wonderfully created works of art, sometimes it be days when I decided to start and post my critique, because I don’t take this lightly.

Enchanted Forest; just looking at my fellow Deviant artist name Ellfi piece, I first see entrance where it’s given inviting and tranquil welcoming all who wants a peaceful sanctuary, whether to use this forest as a means of thinking, crying, releasing anger, to help one make an life changing decision

In addition I’m “Enchanted Forest” has a touch of antique mosaic. Also there’s this group call “Extreme Details” where there purpose of being is all about artwork with excessive amounts of detail within. I mean along with the scenery, you have animals taken shelter or made a lifetime homes within the trees, there’s fairies flying around, vegetation.

Also there are even horses running in the background of this entire piece and all of this in black and white, in pencil??????? Could you imagine if this was done in coloring, with the skillful shading?

Lastly this artist needs to not only know but to understand that she has a rare gift, I’m honor in having the opportunity in getting to her through her works of art. It is my hope and prayer that she doesn’t give up this skill, don’t never let folks who are negative opinions sway her and that she continue in this journey seeing it to it’s destiny.

May God Continue Blessing and Keeping You in ALL of Your Endeavors.
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Thank you for taking the time to write a critique, I feel very flattered by your comments! I have to say this was a drawing I enjoyed doing very much and hiding the creatures and fairies was part of that joy.
You don't have to worry that I would ever give up drawing....it's very much part of me and I almost feel lost without a pen/pencil and piece of paper :D
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ZandKfan4ever57Hobbyist Writer
awwwwwww you're so welcome, I enjoy your creations and can't wait for the new ones to come. However, I didn't think of this til just now, a small advice from me, please watermark, better yet copyright your creations as a means of protecting them. :-)

PS: Thank you for the opportunity in admiring your art.
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thank you for reminding me. I keep forgetting the watermark when I submit...tut tut I guess subconciously I am perhaps too trusting :shrug:
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ZandKfan4ever57Hobbyist Writer
you're kind person, no it's good to be nice, just protect your works :-)
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titayo9Hobbyist Artist
This looks so pretty
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Exquisite work and truly enchanting!
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EnglemanArt Traditional Artist
Marvelous enchantment.
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love this!
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I LOVE this piece! Please create an adult coloring book. Your art is so inspiring and intricate. I am a fan!
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BeliaratHobbyist General Artist
Great illustration! Its an elaborate and imaginative piece of art.
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panteistHobbyist Traditional Artist
i love this
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Do you care if people are coloring this and calling it a "freebie" color page?  I found it over on pinterest..... don't wanna be stealing.  
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Absolutely stunning! You should sign your drawings, though ;)
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EvaIkariaHobbyist Photographer
This is an amzing drawing! Great job! Clap Clap 
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Denzil007 Traditional Artist
nice work lots of detail
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Indeed wow! 
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This is so beautiful.  I love art in black & white.  There are many hidden sketches in here & the more you browse, the more you find.  I love all of 'ellfi's' sketches.  These are some of the most wonderful illustrations I've ever seen.  Look forward to many more!
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Oxide23Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is amazing work! Great job!
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Geeze that looks like it took forever!  It's so beautiful!!!
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jennystokesProfessional General Artist
Brilliant. Attention to detail is remarkable.
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DarthAsparagusHobbyist General Artist
This is a really nice drawing. I love your use of light and shadow and the level of detail.
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It calls to me :)
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