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Updated on 07-08-18 - Taking a break from commissions cause of irl stuff. Will be back in 1 or 2 weeks. I will reopen for a short time before closing and changing my prices so be ready! You can still contact me until then, I will add you to my list but I won't draw until I reopen.

Contact form

Contact me via note OR e-mail (
I will also take commissions from tumblr (pm) or FA(note)
Please notify me anywhere if you've sent me a mail because I don't check them often.

Informations that your message MUST contain:

  • Which commission option you want.
  • Character sheet or links to images of the character. If you do not have any references and want me to design your character from scratch, please note that your order will take much longer than the estimated time.
  • Any specifics (setting, position, facial expression, specific outfit/colors, character interaction, ...)

Things to note:
  • I work on big canvases (around 3k px and 300dpi).
  • I will occasionally put updates of your commission on my Trello. If you do not want the progress of your commission to be public please let me know.
  • When posting the commission, I will mention your name. If you want to remain anonymous please let me know in advance!!
  • I will contact you once I'm ready to start on your commission. If I haven't heard back from you in the next 3 days I will contact the next person on my waiting list.
  • To see my waiting list, check out my "To Do" list on the left here.

Prices and examples

Additional character ->  +1/2 base price

Shaded Sketch

Com 01 by Ellevia


  • Bustshot - 10$
  • Halfbody - 15$
  • Fullbody - 20$

Time estimation : 1 day

Colored Sketch

Com 11 by Ellevia Com 03 by Ellevia Cassie by Ellevia Com 10 by Ellevia Ying by Ellevia


  • Bustshot - 15$
  • Halfbody - 20$
  • Fullbody - 25$

Simple shading with rough lines.
Time estimation : 2 days

Colored Lineart

Smoothie by Ellevia Com 05 by Ellevia Com 07 by Ellevia


  • Bustshot - 25$
  • Halfbody - 30$
  • Fullbody - 35$

Detailed illustration with defined lines.
Time estimation : 3 days

Wallpaper sized illustration (background+colored lineart)

Scorpio Evie - Wallpaper by Ellevia Com 09 by Ellevia


  • Bustshot - 40$
  • Halfbody - 55$
  • Fullbody - 70$

Detailed illustration with defined lines + background. Still in experimental stage.
  Time estimation: 5 days

What can you draw?

Tame fetishes
A bit of gore

Sexualized minors
Extreme body types (huge muscles, inflation, ...)
Imitation of another artist's art style
Male genitals (I'll work on that someday lol)


By commissioning me, you are agreeing to my terms of service.

  • These terms can and will change at any time without warning.

  • I have the right to decline any commission and am not obligated to provide a reason for doing so.

  • I do not begin working until I receive payment.

  • I will send my client the sketch before continuing my work to see if changes are needed. Unless otherwise is requested, I will not show any more progress unless I am working on a large project.

  • Any specifics the client wants are appreciated but not required.

  • Tell me the specifics of your commission before you send the payment. If you want something completely different after the commission is done, you will not receive a refund.

  • I finish fairly quickly, and can work with deadlines. However, I may charge more if the deadline is very soon.

  • I will take a maximum of three commissions at one time from the same person.

  • I work best with a thorough, detailed visual reference.


  • I only accept payment in USD through PayPal and I do not begin work until the payment is received in full.
  • Do not send the payment to me as a gift, as this goes against PayPal’s TOS. You are paying for goods and services. No shipping/address is required, as I only provide digital art.

  • I will not change my prices for specific commissions (do NOT try to haggle with me or attempt to get a discount).

  • The prices listed are base prices and may become higher if the commission is difficult or very detailed.

  • I do not accept payment through any other means (unless specified).

Changes and refunds

  • Changes made to the sketch will usually be done without additional charges, unless the amount exceeds several major changes.
  • I will only give full refunds if no work has been completed. If work has been completed but not fully, I will only issue a partial refund if there is a reason to.

  • Mistakes made on my part will be corrected free of charge, regardless of when I make them.

  • I will make three free changes before charging extra. This means I will not tolerate being requested to make several minor changes individually rather than all at once without compensation. If you want me to change several things, tell me all at once rather than waiting for me to finish the first change.


  • I retain the rights to every image I produce. I am being paid to create these, not to transfer the rights to them.
  • I do not do commercial work and all commissions I do are only for personal or nonprofit use unless otherwise has been discussed. You are not to profit off of my work without discussing it beforehand and coming to an agreement with me.
  • Unless specified to do otherwise, I will post the commissions to any websites I use to host my art. These include but are not limited to DeviantArt, Tumblr, Instagram and Fur Affinity.

  • The products may be posted to other websites by the commissioner if credit is given.

Original ToS written by tearzah

Time estimation and updates

  • The time estimation listed in the price chart will vary greatly depending on your order.
  • If you've requested me to design a character from scratch, it will take much longer than the estimated time.
  • If something comes up in my life and prevents me from drawing for 3 days+, I will let you know.
  • I will post updates of what I'm working on on my Trello when I think about it. If you do not want the progress of your commission to be public please let me know.

Coding by SimplySilent
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