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Simi Adoptables ToS/Rules

Sun Feb 18, 2018, 10:46 AM by Ellevia:iconellevia:


These rules only apply to my closed species Simi, if you wish to view the rules for my normal species: Not Added Yet. I don't want to be strict or pester you about my rules, I'm not asking much of you so please read the following if you wish to purchase a Simi!

Bullet; Black I do not do refunds.
Bullet; Black If you wish to resell/trade the adopt, please let me know who the new owner is so i can update my list. This way, I will be able to track where my designs go and people who want to purchase a specific design can contact whoever owns it currently.
Bullet; Black I can help you resell/trade the adopt, I can make a journal advertising it for you (so don't hesitate to contact me and we'll set it up!)
Bullet; Black DO NOT try to sell a Simi you won in a raffle. You got it for free... You can gift it but not sell it.

Bullet; Blue Upon purchasing, you own the character. You don't have to follow the backstory of Simis or anything, I just ask that you don't change the original design.
Bullet; Blue Please credit me for the design where necessary (if you repost the original art).
Bullet; Blue You may resell the adopt but for no more than what you spent on it (unless you paid for commission art, then you can add up the total you paid). I'd also like to know where it goes, as stated above.
Bullet; Blue I still retain the right to post the art of the adoptable in my gallery/portfolio. I will credit ownership of the character to whomever bought them, of course!
Bullet; Blue If you have purchased one of my adoptables and would like the amount spent not to be public, you can notify me and I will hide necessary comments and remove the price from the deviation.
Bullet; Blue If you want to purchase anonymously, note me!


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