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Closed Species Sheet: Simi by Ellevia Closed Species Sheet: Simi by Ellevia
Here's the sheet finally!
I hesitated on adding a rarity system but did one in the end to show what I consider being a common Simi and an uncommon one. I will not change the price of a Simi based on its traits rarity, it will remain the same! This is just a chart you can follow if there's a MYO event. I didn't want to make a limited list of traits as I have many ideas for this species. I had thought of a variation of Simis (the ones you can see on this sheet, SimiLu!) but didn't know if it should be a different species entirely or just a subspecies. Since I'm not good with names, I decided to put it under the "Simi" family. These ones are much bigger and have longer limbs, they have other occupations than collecting items and are particularly dangerous. Won't release one for a while, I want to focus on normal Simis for now.

You can find more info about Simis here:

Simi Species Description Sheet
Simis are small curious creatures that love collecting their favorite item
It can be anything, coins, rocks, a specific type of flower...
They keep them in their nest (or their owner’s home) and never let go of their stash.
Simis are rather small. They are agile and can jump really high. Their long tail allows them to stabilize themselves when running or jumping from branches to branches. However, some do have really short or puffy tails. Those ones are usually “land” Simis; they rarely go up trees or do any kind of running.
Simis have a strong sense of smell that makes them able to detect anything they're looking for from a 30 meters radius.
They have smalls paws and thumbs that make them able to grab onto objects quite easily (similar to the hands of a squirrel). They also have soft squishy pads and short claws.
Characteristics that vary
Simis can also have wings, more tha

And adoption rules here:
Simi Adoptables ToS/RulesRules
These rules only apply to my closed species Simi, if you wish to view the rules for my normal species: Not Added Yet. I don't want to be strict or pester you about my rules, I'm not asking much of you so please read the following if you wish to purchase a Simi!
Bullet; Black I do not do refunds.
Bullet; Black If you wish to resell/trade the adopt, please let me know who the new owner is so i can update my list. This way, I will be able to track where my designs go and people who want to purchase a specific design can contact whoever owns it currently.
Bullet; Black I can help you resell/trade the adopt, I can make a journal advertising it for you (so don't hesitate to contact me and we'll set it up!)
Bullet; Black DO NOT try to sell a Simi you won in a raffle. You got it for free... You can gift it but not sell it.

Aaand available Simis can be found here !
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