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CoverGloobus x Slackware i686 by elleti-brainvision CoverGloobus x Slackware i686 by elleti-brainvision


It happens sometimes that Linux users - especially Slackware ones - don't want to use a software just because they don't find it packaged and ready to install! The problem, I think, is not that they don't want (or they are not able) to make the few operations needed to install the software by manual compilation; in my opinion, instead, they want to maintain their system as clean as possible: a package in fact can assure a clean disinstallation; it's even possible to know every file and directory installed by the software.

This is one of the reason which makes me always prefer to write a slackbuild and build a package for every software that I want to install! The first times it could seems hard and difficult to understand, but when a good knowledge is reached, the work will be much more easy and funny..

But, if you don't have time for all that, or simply if you absolutely don't want to make package by yourself, don't worry, beacose you will always find someone who made it for you! :D :D
Today I'm sharing CoverGloobus package, a software that at the beginning I didn't trust a lot.. but I have to say that it's grown a lot and it's become much more better and stable: it's ready, in my opinion, to be run on Slackware ( ;) ).

Maybe you already know CoverGloobus and, generally speaking the Gloobus project, but if you don't those are, respectively, its homepages: [link] and [link] (CoverGloobus is even on DA at JordiHP pages: [link]). Here on Da you'll even find a lot of wonderful themes!
Music players actually supported are: Amarok2, Audacious, Banshee, Clementine, Exaile 0.2.x, Exaile 0.3.x, gmusicbrowser, Guayadeque, Listen, MOC, MPD (requires python-mpd), QuodLibet, Rythmbox, Songbird (requires MPRIS plugin for Songbird), Spotify, Totem and VLC ( > 0.9.0)! If your player is not between those.. you need to read it again, because it's impossible!!
CoverGloobus can also find covers on Amazon and search for lyrics on various web sites.. what do you want more?

OK, maybe I have to stop myself, now, and let you start to enjoy this maybe not so useful but really really wonderful software.. as all my others packages, also this one is brought to you in 2 different architectures version: i486 (Slackware standard) and i686 (for the newest processors), both for 32bit..

If you find it useful, please drop a line or give me a llama.. I still haven't understand why do I need them but you know.. they are so cool!! :D :D

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To install this package type in terminal, as root:

# installpkg covergloobus-1.6-i686-1sl.txz

To remove it type, always as root:

# removepkg /var/log/packages/covergloobus-1.6-i686-1sl

Once the package is installed you will find a new application into your menu: open it and set your music player.
To install new themes you can extract them in:


(only for you user); or in


for a global use of the themes..


CoverGloobus ([link]) is a part of the Gloobus ([link]) project.
Both are licensed GNU GPL v3

P.S.: sorry if the screenshot is not much "artistic" but I wanted to focus it on CoverGloobus!
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Dobbie03 Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2010  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Awesome, great album you are playing in that shot too.
elleti-brainvision Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2010  Student Photographer
LOL!, one of the best ever progressive (and non) album of the history!
thanks for fave, too!

see you!
AppliArt Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010  Student Interface Designer
Hey, your skin will be accepted to covergloobus, but please press the "Add to Group" button once, because we got like 5 requests from you. :)
elleti-brainvision Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010  Student Photographer
oooops, sorry! I didn't receive the submissions message so I thinked that something went wrong!!

anyway, I must advice that, as you can see, my submission is not a skin: it's a slackware package (txz) for slackware users (something like the deb package for ubuntu)!
I'm a slackware user and I want to help people using my distro who is not able (or doesn't want) to install software by compiling it manually - even to maintain system the clearest possible!

there are 2 package: one for i486 users and another the i686 ones..

thank you very much and sorry again for my mistake!
AppliArt Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010  Student Interface Designer
No problem!
elleti-brainvision Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2010  Student Photographer
so did you remove it from the group?
I wanted to say that my 5 submissions were errors, not the sumbmission :D!
but in the same time, my sub is not a skin!, I think that you could create a place for the covergloobus package!
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