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Flying Kiss
I realised I didn't uploaded it here on deviantArt :D

So - here you go with some CheriK! ♥

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Megan Lewis/Mysterious Healer

Background story (hero):

When she was a child, she sensed that she was born with a special gift: her wounds healed faster than those of other people. Whenever she had a small cut or bruise it was gone entirely within 24 hours.

Only when she finished her medical studies and worked as a registrar in the emergency department, she noticed the extent of her ability. Patients with severe wounds, who were doomed to die, could be rescued with her powers. She just needed to touch them and concentrate on the wounds she felt – usually without pain – in her own skin. Those wounds could be anything: on the surface or inside body such as cancer or other hurtful to deadly injuries. She made her passion into her career: helping people and heal them as best as she can. After several years where Meg traveled all around the world and used her healing powers to rescue people in misery, she stretched to her limits. Whenever she used her ability too much on too serious wounds, she felt the pain in her own body and suffered for several days to the point where she thought she might die as well. After that experience she needed to slow down and healed other people only when really necessary.

The reactions to her powers were mixed. Indigenous peoples celebrated her ability while her colleagues framed her success as fraud and imposture. They called her the “fake healer” and ignored her doing as best as they could. But Meg was glad for the lack of attention; she knew about the health politics in her branch: If pharmaceutics knew about her healing powers, they would use her as a test subject and she would end up in a lab. In the end, Meg stayed in the underground and helped whenever she was needed as a mysterious healer. 

Lucy Carter/Lunatic Lucy

Background story (villain):
She grew up in Asia with her family and lived a happy life as a single child. Her parents did everything for her and treated her like a princess. All the other children loved and feared her at the same time, because people seem to follow her will whenever she wanted. After Lucy had a severe dispute with her mother at the age of 10, her mother committed suicide with a kitchen knife. After that incident more and more people around Lucy killed themselves or went mad, whenever she was unhappy or angry. The teenage girl began to see and hear imaginary things that led her father to doubt her sanity.

That way she ended up in a psychiatry in America, where she was kept in a cell with no direct contact to other people to avoid more victims. They believed the numerous suicides were part of her strong persuasive powers with just words, but little did they know that it was Lucy’s touch that evoked her mental controlling.

Because she kept seeing tones and hearing lights/colours, they diagnosed her with schizophrenic disorder. Faint voices in her head became stronger whenever she got near another person. The lack of motivation and the disgust of other people increased with the days she was held in the facility. They abused her on a regular basis, treated her badly and the constant isolation drove her wild. In the end, the little, innocent girl that didn’t understand why she was different from others began to become a dark creature with a broken soul. They tested her everyday with different treatments, new medications and new methods to heal her “disease” of mind controlling and manipulation. Soon, she realised that she was able to control her surroundings to a certain degree by concentrating on the things she was seeing and hearing but nobody else could – to the point where she was able to use telekinesis. In situations where she was enormously stressed and her adrenaline level was very high, she gained the ability to move little objects around her and control them. But she never got out of the psychiatry because of the strong medication of neuroleptics that made her too dizzy to properly try to break out.

When she was 25, she was able to touch a warden by accident and managed to escape from the psychiatry. Only a few days after she was free and off the medication, she stumbled upon the videos from Glass on the internet. Soon she realised that she was just like the people in those videos. Her mind controlling and telekinetic powers began to recover and increase since she was off the strong medication. From that day on she was prepared to face whoever was responsible for killing the other heroes and villains.

She thrives to destroy the people that are weak and find justice for what they have done to her.

Her powers (and weaknesses):

  • She can influence a human mind by touching the person skin to skin (wearing gloves helps to avoid that effect)
  • She is able to hear the thoughts of other people as faint whispers when she is near them, but she can’t really understand what they’re thinking about unless she touches them
  • She can hear the sounds of light/colours and see tones/music; her brain works differently than a normal human brain. With this ability she gained the power of light telekinesis (moving small objects and controlling them)
  • Because of her delicate ears and eyes, she reacts enormously sensitive to extreme radiation like infrared and ultrasonic (over 100THz)

Merman Cherik AU

Fisherman Erik meets Merman Charles - and they talk through their mental link 🙃

I never drew merman before but it felt... kind of nice 🐟

and BONUS (thx to hirami-chan)
Fishy fisher Fishrik fishes fresh Mercharles, fresh Mercharles fishes fishy fisher Fishrik.

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