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Got tagged by  RelativeEquinox, who specifically requested a meme about Ronnie.

Ronnie Among Leaves by Ellen-Natalie 

Let's do this!

1. Post these rules
2. Post 10 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creator’s name

***To those tagged, there is no obligation to participate. Just know I love your work!***

1) Ronnie's full name is Rhonda Leporidae

2) She is currently attending Fur Valley University in Utah. Though focusing on General classes for now, she's using her electives to get the prerequisite courses out of the way for a degree in Physical Education.

3) Ronnie's favorite activity is jogging early in the morning. It was something she and her Dad did together while growing up.

4) Ronnie's Mom died during childbirth. 'Rhonda' had been her Mom's top pick for a girl's name.

5) Due to her Dad's work, Ronnie moved from California to Utah just in time to start high school.

6) She currently lives in an apartment with two roommates - Dawn Doe and Catherine Feline. Ronnie ended up moving in a week later than the two of them due to a mix-up with her paperwork. She's never trusted the management since.

7) Ronnie and her Dad ditched her high school graduation ceremony, instead choosing to take a cross-country trip together before she started college in the fall.

8) Ronnie's current best friend is Vikki. Vikki instantly bonded with her due to them both being from California.

9) Her best friend in high school was Hayden. Then he was her boyfriend. He broke up with Ronnie after graduating with a sudden, blunt 'Dear Jane' letter.

10) Ronnie considers Vikki, Cat and Dawn true friends because she can trust herself to be happy around them.

Thanks for the invite to play, RelativeEquinox! Now, here's eight characters I'd love to see ten facts about:

Otto, of Jupiter by DrZime
Kraal, of Aww Feathers by inejwstine
Juni, of Sometimes She's the Light by Naschi
Nina, of Zuzel and the Fox by PeterDonahue
Pippi, of At Tavicat by Tavicat
Michelle, of Nineteen-Ninety-Something by jbwarner86
Mias, of Mias and Elle by StressedJenny
Fawndolyn, of Toyetica by sadwonderland (Unless sharing ten facts would delay the release of the comic. Looking forward to it!)
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inejwstine Featured By Owner May 31, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ta-dum! Ask and you shall receive!…
Ellen-Natalie Featured By Owner May 31, 2016
Thanks so much - that was fun to read!
inejwstine Featured By Owner May 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wow. Just noticed this. Fun stuff!
And you picked Kraal. Good choice! Hmm...
Tigerman354 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016  Student Writer
Hmm, sounds interesting.
A "Dear Jane" letter? What a crappy way to do things. A friend of mine did that to this girl he like right before Christmas the year before last, via e-mail. I refuse to let him live it down.
Dogman15 Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016
This was a nice read.
DrZime Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cute character! I like that she skipped high school graduation. Nice!
Ellen-Natalie Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016
Wow, thanks!
Keep up the awesome work with Jupiter! (So many mysteries being revealed :D )
CaseyDecker Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Those are some very nice facts you were able to list about Ronnie, and she's always been my most favorite character who appears in your "Furry Experience" comic stories as well. :D
AnAdminNamedPaul Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016
Cross country road trip over high school graduation?!

My kind of family bonding!
RelativeEquinox Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Holy crap, you actually did it. I did not think you would <oOo>! Thank you for noticing that I tagged you! Poor Ronnie on that #9, though. 
Ellen-Natalie Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016
It was fun - thanks again for the invite!
Flutterbunny76 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2016
Do you think you could also do ones for Cat and Dawn (and maybe Alice).
Ellen-Natalie Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2016
That might be fun to do in the future!
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