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I just recently watched the Hollywood version of Air bender  :aww:. Yes i know I'm quite late for this but anyways I actually decided not to watch
because of all the comments I've heard blah blah blah..? and yet here I am talking about it!
Well I guess it's a :star::star::star::star: for me. Hmmmmm it wasn't that bad heheh I appreciate the story much though I don't really wanna comment with why an "Indian Nephew ended up with an American Uncle" or is it otherwise 0.o. Oh well.

Why...? T_T

Episode 6 :: Gothika

The title itself explains all your queries =)...and better leave it to the pictures. It'll do better than me blabbering :aww::XD:

Black Parade

Surprisingly some newbie photographers visited =)

The moment when my Geta failed me :cries:

Von starting with Introductions...and me having a bad day grrrrr >.<
and look at Elizabeth! hahaha XD

I forgot his name (I always do :aww:)

I guess this part is when Von is trying to make everyone introduce themselves..

Giving special acknowledgment to these Photographers. Mabby is the one in Gray and I'm really sorry for the other one heheh XD

M was like "Why so serious...?!"

Patz, Kevin, Metz

Metz with this cute little pup that she borrowed from...err a stranger :aww: =)

Presenting: The 2010 Masskara Queen haha :clap::clap::clap:

Whoah! What's that light...? o.o

The Wa in me ^^;

What a pleasure for having you in this event Ben! =D

The ever Dynamic Evangelista Siblings (was it really necessary to say those..? :XD:)

Rock On with :iconbanazure: and :iconkairaito:

uh-Uh Romel The Gothic Slayer >.<

Yayks! Poor Elizabeth

What's this suppose to mean..? :|

M was like again: "WHY SO SERIOUS..?"


kyaaaa~ =)

Wow. I could at this forever :XD:

Joker with his hmmmmm gals.

The smoothest way to photo bomb is not to know your photo bombing :aww:


I will beat the crap out of you! haha

Nana X Ciel

Everyone was like, "Why is your neck Black, Kai..?" LoL

The "Wa" in me 2 :aww:

Ciel's royalty.

The VooDoo doll in Ciel's is what he won as the Best Goth :clap::clap::clap:

Attempting a Silhouette Shot.

teehee :aww:

Attempting the Ciel Pose =)

Having dejavus with Gothic Hour :XD:

Kai, Ban, Dubhe



Why all my solos are blurred? -Elizabeth

and mine as well! -Sai

For some reason a song pop out when I look at this picture: "Wide eyes will brighten the Blue..." o.o

At SaveMore but we didn't stayed long because we were unconsciously creating a ruckus!

At Dunkin Donuts. Filling our hungry stomachs. :aww:

You know I just love blur pictures. really. It saves you sometimes from horrible reality :lmao:

The Power of samsung's Beauty Shot :worship:

hahah another Dejavu. Von remember during AnbuFest we also have a shot just like this :XD:

Ban trying so hard to get everyone to fit in. And what is that...? 0.0

And I leave you guys and gals with this one.

Hope you enjoy your supper and whatever stuffs your eating and about to eat.

So long folks. I'm watching NOW the final episode of Ouran (finally).
Goodnight and well happy appetite =D.


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OMG sometime Bannii just scares the shit out of me with LOL