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Update update before my subs die ~!!
Remember last time when I introduced my blogspot, which I mentioned here.
Well I changed everything AGAIN. But actually its more like I submitted to my old url, not excatly changed, just went back.
I even changed my journal header which always coincides with my blog's header as well. Further explanation about the title Shippai no Monogatari can be read here.
So I believe that my old links will not be accessible from this on. I am very sorry for this inconvenience. I am definitely a GIRL I'd say. My mind is in chaos. Been changing names every now and then but this time and I promise, its FINAL.

You can revisit my blog again here: . No more domains. Too bad for my subs and that covers a year of dot net D:
I decided to reuse elledejavu again because I felt more comfortable and at peace with it. Its my most common internet nick name. See my devaintART, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and even eBay are all in elledejavu.
Its a pain changing domains especially for my viewers and for me as well. I have watermarked most of my photos in the blog with ""...and I can't changed them now. I mean I can but that will take a loooot of work D: so lets just leave it like that.

And again I'm really sorry D: its the LAST I swear because I believe I am happy with it now. Just me. :)

Cosplay Shoot Rundown

Me and my friends have been very active for the past 2 months (which was mostly requested by me) with random fashion and cosplay shoots. I have had 5 major cosplay photoshoot which I will be listing here one by one.

Vocaloids: Lost Woods with :iconmacmurdock: :iconraikee: :iconharu-kun00:

One Piece: Bon Clay with :iconbomperts:

YuYu Hakusho: Yusuke Urameshi with :iconbomperts:

Kimi ni Todoke with Shin, :iconraikee: :iconharu-kun00:

Durarara with :iconlazyeight: :iconmacmurdock:

And here's for some random fashion shoot.
Photos by: Me

Rock Glam Chick: Vision by Jade

And a bit of Mori.

There you go. I still have a lot of pending projects and I am looking forward to everything ~!!
I wish to share more and improve on the way :)

Thank You ~!

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