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One Piece: Mugiwara Silhouette

:bulletred: The Silhouette of the complete and latest crew members of Straw Hat pirates plus Ace :XD:

I won't say its perfect or something but I love this so much =)
How I wish Luffy and the others were real-.-

I never imagined Silhouette Style would perfectly fit the Mugiwara Pirates.I guess its because each characters has their own unique and amusing shape!
I credit this wonderful shot to ~Ban as he suggested such idea!
I would also like to thank ~Von for teaching me some tricks in editing this pic. And as for the editing, nothing much was done actually. Just some simple light manipulations and dimming and boom! :XD:

Thank you for those who liked will like and would like to like ohohoho :XD:

Note:This photo was also based here :pointr:…

:bulletred: CASTS:

:iconkairaito: as Luffy

:iconbomperts: as Franky

:iconbanazure: as Brook

:iconsyaoranvenjoh: as Sanji

:iconelledejavu: as Chopper

~Romel as Zoro

~Razel as Nami

~Ema as Usopp

~Metz as Robin

~Kevin as Ace

Photo By: :iconcuriouskatrina:
Photo Processing By: :iconelledejavu:

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One Piece © Eiichiro Oda
One Piece Cosplay © Hitsuzen TEAM

NOTE: First seen on us. PLEASE DO NOT COPY!

***I kinda change my mind about sharing the "Raw Photo" as for the photographers respect. And I believe so that I don't have such authority to just give it away to anyone else :(
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
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:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

It is extremely rare to see a back-lit cosplay shot with multiple people in which you can tell each character apart clearly. Usually you can tell one or two and the other individuals just end up as "fill".

I am happy to say that is not the case for this lovely shot. Each character is recognizable through their posture and pose. It is like each cast member could very well be posing for a solo portrait, yet they work together in this ensemble cast photo.

The choice of location and time of day was also very effective in showcasing the characters AND the series. I would have to say this piece is very good all the way around. It took me by surprise.

If I could make one complaint, it would only be that the shot is not particularly clear and sharp. In this lighting I realize attaining crystal clarity is close to impossible, but that would be my only recommendation for improvement. I love this piece all the way around... which says a lot as I am not general a One Piece fan.
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i love it!>w<
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AHHHH THIS IS AMAZING! :iconspazattackplz:
It only took me like two seconds to know exactly who everyone was and because of that I bow to you! :worship:
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This is really cool :)
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OMG this is sooooooo coool :jawdrop:
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wooooooaaaaaah am....amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing !!!
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This is an amazing piece of art, Great job!

Com and see One Piece Gallery :

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Dude your an amazing artist :D

Com and see One Piece Gallery :

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GOOD!! but Franky and Brook is not tall enough >< hehehe
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Really cool shot!!
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THAT IS SO COOL. **_** It actually brought tears to my eyes ^^; . It is very epic, good job!
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So awesome that it deserves a fav ^.^
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awwwn, I love it <3
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epic. i also love that you included my favorite character Ace with the Straw Hats <3
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awesome! great work :)
so nice! well done\=
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