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Eric's bottom tooth had came out. He was just sitting on the couch just wiggling his tooth. Until suddenly he got up,walking towards my way & gave it to me without any problems at all. Such a big boy he is indeed.  :giggle:
Ugh my son had damaged my phone. Eric broke the back button & was sucking on the phone until the back of it was soaked from the inside smfh. I bought a new one yesterday & made sure he doesn't see my phone at all. As long as I can keep him occupied with toys that lights up,makes bodies,books that talks,etc;it'll make a difference.
I am so happy I have finally got Eric's new medication :squee:. It took da insurance company forever to decide whether or not they approve his new medication. I'm glad  they came to their senses & approved it. I had gave it to Eric as soon as we got back home. It's called Risperidone & take 0.5 tablets
(0.125 MG) by mouth every once a day. I had to cut da small pill,put it in his da sprite in a small cup, & made him drink it. So far so gud he's doing alrite,I just hope he does well before his follow up on da 6th of July.
Listen up Makayla, Aurora,Devilgirl, & Tari Nijine there's nothing for y'all to feel guilty about ur true feelings for Thrax.
I am very happy getting to know u girls & seeing how much y'all love Thrax. I also admired how y'all accepting me being bisexual & appreciated all da compassion y'all given us,which is why I gave y'all these pet names & doing some artworks of all of us together & I would never change dat for da world. I really like & care about y'all alot. As long as we love both Thrax & each other without turning against one another,I am totally fine with dat. Besides if I'm going to share my husband Thrax with more than one person whether it's on D.A. or da real world,I'm thankful dat it's u girls. I hope dat y'all can hear me & hope dat we can become closer then ever.
:D :heart:s
YAY :squee: !! Yesterday I just found out from my daddy saying dat my Grandma Jackie is doing better & she's been home for da past few days last week. I am so relieved about it dat I hope she doesn't go through dat painful situation again.
Ever since I've stopped giving Eric dat weak prescribed medication,he's been getting temper tantrums everyday. On Tuesday I tried picking up Eric's new medication called Repairdone (I think I'm spelling it rite),but they told me dat his doctor has to call da number dat they gave me about his health insurance with Medicaid. Which means I'm have no choice but to wait again to see when can I pick up Eric's new medication.
Today has been da worst Eric has throwing a fit every 30mins. I try calming him down by rubbing his back with one of his favorite songs "Unconditionally" by  Katey Perry. He only took a cat nap,then raising hell all over again. It lasted from 1hr- 2hrs.
I can't help but to cry sometimes & feeling like part of  me wants to give up,but I love Eric way too much. Besides I don't plan to put him in a autistic group home til he's about 18-20 (depending what age he graduates from highschool), so he can be amongst others like him & gaining independents. Sometimes I wonder why does this have to happened to my son. He doesn't deserve it @ all. He deserves to be verbal & enjoying being a kid. I  pray all da time...dats all I've got left. :(
Eric has gotten a follow up with his doctor  Valarie L. Benjamin today. I had explained to her dat da medication dat she prescribed for him didn't work. It made his temper tantrums worst & lately whenever he is having them he'll  start biting,scratching, & hitting himself.  Which is why Dr.Benjamin had gave Eric an EKG (heart test) in order to get a stronger medication.  They put these patches & connected those straps to monitor his heart. He wouldn't stay still,so they just took a picture of da report. Dr.Benjamin told me dat she will contact me as soon as she gets a clearance from da cardiologist @ Sibley Heart Center.
I hope Eric gets da medication he needs & dat things will be much better.
I had called my daddy to see what's going on with Grandma Jackie & he told me dat da infection is on her hip where she had her hip replacement surgery. He gave me her hospital number to call her. After I had got off da phone with him I called her & she sounded  so miserable. Grandma Jackie told me dat she was hanging out with her church friends & went out for dinner. Then all of da suddenly  she felt extremely cold & awful @ da same time,so her friends called 911 & rushed her to Piedmont Hospital. Before I got off da phone with her,she was still feeling pain & very cold she got 3 thick blankets smmfh.
Help her Lord,help her :(
My Grandma Jackie ( my grandmother on my daddy side) has been rushed to da emergency room @ da hospital. My daddy had texted me dat our plans for us going to a picnic @ da park was cancelled bcuz of it. I asked what happened to her & he texted back saying dat she's got an infection on her opened wound. I texted him back asking where is da infection @ on her body,he didn't reply... I guess he's properly trying to figure it out himself.
A month ago Grandma Jackie had a hip replacement & had been taking physical therapy as she was suppose to. Last time I saw her was on Mother's Day @ her house using a walker. My heart is so heavy rite now ,I just hope it's nothing too serious & I am praying for her recovery.
My son Eric had a doctpr appointment today &  I am so glad dat is finally taking medication for his behavior :squee:. I had explained & show a video of his tempers to Dr.Benjamin & she prescribed him with a medication called Hydroxyzine. I have to give it to him 2.5 ml by mouth 2 times a day every 6hrs. I had gave it to him through his sippy cup @ 10:55am & he'll take it again @ 4pm.
Dr.Benjamin told me dat his next followed up be on 6/3/16 @ 8:20am just to see how he's doing with da medication. She also instructed dat if da medication makes his tempers much worst for a couple of days,then just stop til he gets schedule for a EKG (tests on his heart) before getting a new medication. I just hope this medication goes well. :fingerscrossed:
Happy 53rd Bday to da best mother I ever had Sabrenia Flournoy :rose: . This is a very emotional day for me to live without her,especially last year. I hope dat she loves my artworks of her, she always love my artworks. I miss & love u so much mama. :cries:
Due to my stepmother's car accident my daddy & I weren't able to hangout on my bday Monday. 2 /1st. I kept her in my prayers all da time & I am so glad she's making progress in her physical therapy. However this has totally been an awesome day for me. My daddy had surprised me by taking me to da :gun: ranch & I made some great shots too. He also taught me how to cook some lambchops along with belgian waffles & they were delicious. Best belated bday present ever. :D :happybounce:
I was late for work at the Georgia Dome today. I was hoping to work the suites as usual, but instead I'm working outside in da fucking cold,I can't stand it at all. Not to mention that my feet are hurting from standing too long on concrete of bag checking. Even though I'm wearing a thick yellow working coat,I still feel cold. Right now I'm being transferred working at my usual spot and on lunch break.
I had woke up this morning at 6:45am. I gather all the recipes for my two Christmas Homemade Pies Cookie N'Creme Pie and Chocolate French Silk Pie. I had to look at my notebook and YouTube off my phone just to make them correctly. It took me three hours to make da Cookie N'Creme Pie. After that I put it in the refrigerator so it can be chilled and made the Chocolate French Silk Pie which took another three hours to make and put it in the fridge to be chilled as well. Unfortunately as good as they look,they won't be eaten until after dinner time.

My son Eric has turned four years old today:party:. Time sure flies real quick. From the beginning he was in my arms as soon as he was born and now he goes to elementary school & running around like crazy:giggle:. I thank God for Eric he is a real blessing and I love him with all my :heart:.
My son Eric had a doctor appointment today at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at 1:20pm. My uncle and I went up to the 2nd level to the autistic clinic and explained to the doctor, speech therapy, nurse,etc. about Eric's behavior problems. We were explaining how he use to have speech therapy outside of school at Divine Speech. He's was with them for a year in a half, but in May they kicked him out because of the hitting, kicking,and throwing a toy at one of them. They say until Eric gets a behavior therapy, he can come back again.
We also told them that Eric's behavior at school is a lot different than it is at home. In school he doesn't do any hitting and kicking,but at home he does;worser on me because he expects me to know exactly what he wants.
After my uncle and I had explained other stuff like Eric's speech,constant walking on hisvtip toe,and picky eating they all recommend that Eric needs ABA Therapy aka Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy. Even though Eric is taking speech therapy and occupational therapy at school, they want him to have some therapy outside of school.
I just hope and pray that this ABA Therapy will help Eric a lot towards the future.
Last night I had called my daddy about taking me & Eric to church. He said yes,but it will be @ Pastor Starger's Church & I say ok . After Daddy picked up my little brother from Decatur, picked up me & Eric. When we got there not only was I happy to see some old faces that I personally remembered,I frowned @ a few errors inside of da church. It was very small, cramped& da worst thing of all...THERE'S NO NURSERY!! Whenever we go Chapel Hill Church I usually drop Eric off @ da Special Needs Nursery @ 11:15am -12:45pm. Without a nursery,especially a special needs one,Eric will not be content. No matter how much I try due to his condition with autism he won't be still. Because of this mess,I had walked Eric outside a few times & when I try getting inside dat church,he gotten very fussy. So I didn't have a choice,but to use my daddy's key for me & Eric to be in the car til the service is over. What's makes it so bad is that my little brother  told me that they were  serving food,but it so packed I could barely get through & as soon as I got near where the food is @(the back of the church looks terrible), all of the plates are gone smmfh. So me & my son are back in the car,with my stomach is growling waiting for my daddy & my little brother to get out of that church.

To be continued.
I went to Wal-Mart and bought a big sketch book to get my drawing on,I'm so happy. Just wait and see what I've got in store,when y'all get a chance.
Ugh it sucks that I am out of sketch papers. I had already drew my last drawing yesterday and now  I have to wait until I can buy two more sketch books to draw again:no:.
OMG,if there's one thing I hate most of all is cold mornings :x. The feeling of it makes me sick...literally. I'm making sure my son is  underneath da covers,because Eric has a habit of kicking it off himself :no:. Our room is so very cold it feels like were in Alaska instead of Georgia. That's why I am in my blue robe,put a thick blanket for my baby on the couch,&making some hot chocolate.