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Hello,if you are interest to commission me, please have a look on the various style I can draw. I can make chibi art, GIF & pixel art too!
If you would like to know my price rate please drop me a message in note, don't be shy to ask!

Drawing style I own
For more sample please visit my gallery.
All style by Elle-Rei
Line art: just B/W line art, no adding strokes or black tone.
Manga screen/grey tone: For manga/comic, or Novel illustration, and story's charcter setting.
Flat color: I don't really make flat color art, but you can commission me this style.
Anime soft shade: For character setting, outfit design or anime fan art.
Semi-realism: for Portrait or Illustration, more details will be added like hair, eyelash & lens, texture & and realistic shading. Not suit to character setting unless it is for game art illustration use.

Please READ before you commission me
:bulletblue:Please send note to me with your ref, link etc, make a summary not long essay ,please make it easy for me reading, because English not my native language.
:bulletblue: Let me know which style you prefer!
:bulletblue: After I understand how the art will be and I'll give you the price quote.
:bulletblue:I'll refuse the commission request that too complex/confusing/difficult.
:bulletblue:Please don't rush me, works will done in 3 days~a week++
:bulletblue:Do not use my art as your portfolio or commercial purposes.(those rates upon are not for commercial)
:bulletblue:For commercial use price will be higher and negotiable.
:bulletblue:Do not re-submit in your gallery or other website, you can share the link from my gallery.
:bulletblue:Do not use the commissioned art piece claim as your art work.
:bulletblue:No extra change on the finished artwork.

:bulletgreen:What I draw:bulletgreen:
OC,Fanart, Simple animal, Yaoi/BL, Hentai, Yuri (I can draw Mature content but not too hard core)
:bulletgreen:What I don't draw:bulletgreen:
Too realism people potrait, Mecha/Robot, Animal/Furry in very realism style.

Portrait/Bust Up,max 2 character, no background
:CM:Ferid Bathory by Elle-Rei Earmuff by Elle-Rei Toue by Elle-Rei Maxim by Elle-Rei

Waist up / Half body
max 4 character, with simple background
:Anri: by Elle-Rei Aoba Sei HBD by Elle-ReiGokotai YA by Elle-Rei

Knee Up / Calf Up
max 3 character, with simple background
Adekan Alice by Elle-Rei

Full body
max 3 character, with simple background
Empath 144 line art by Elle-Rei Empath144 by Elle-Rei Gokotai by Elle-Rei

Illustration / Poster, take time to finish and price will be higher
Greenhouse by Elle-Rei  Shiro Yoshiwara by Elle-Rei :Adekan: by Elle-Rei Halloween by Elle-Rei Hotaru by Elle-Rei Touken Love Cover by Elle-Rei Koisuru Tenshi Cover by Elle-Rei :CM:Centaur by Elle-Rei

Background, no character or animal added. Price depends on details & complexity.
Little Body BW M by Elle-Rei Little Body Cover by Elle-Rei
:CM: Japanese old style street by Elle-Rei :CM: Family Restaurant by Elle-Rei
:CM:Clinic by Elle-Rei :CM:Coffee Shop by Elle-Rei
The beginning of the Journey by Elle-Rei

Sketch Page
Head sho(face expression) & Bust up(pose) in Line art or Colored.
Sei Aoba by Elle-Rei Sketch Page: Kotetsu brothers Kasen by Elle-Rei Sketch Page: Urashima Midare by Elle-Rei

2, 2.5 or 3 head lengths charcater, max 4 chara, no background.
Adding background will charge in different price.

Adekan ALice chibi by Elle-ReiAdekan Bunny Boy by Elle-ReiJIrou Tarou by Elle-Reiizuminokami horikawa by Elle-ReiTheia and Tansy M by Elle-Rei:CE Aaron and Michael with Cocoa by Elle-Rei

DMMd Noiz mug by Elle-Rei DMMD Mug design by Elle-ReiBottle miku Mug design by Elle-Rei

Sketch Page/1 Page Comic/Story
OC or fanart only, no portrait. 5 sketches(comic panels/short story) in a canvas (1 head shot, 2 bust up, 1 half body, 1 full body), please make a summary of the character personality/expression/pose, or I will draw their pose & expression randomly.Please note that sketches are roughly lines with rough painting.

GIF / Animation

canvas size: approx 600px wide (except pixel art you will have the original A4 files)
OC & Chibi only, each motion or movement are in 3~5 frame.
I'll refuse difficult motion.

Payment Method
:bulletblue:Payment via PayPal only.
:bulletblue:Please pay within 24 hours if you need the process be fast.
:bulletblue:Please pay in friends & family method/option.
:bulletblue:Full payment before I start drawing.(You can seperate upfront & final payment if you think money amount is large)
:bulletblue:Rough sketch preview will be giving after (upfront payment) paid.
:bulletblue:Finished work will be A4 300dpi, Lager file will charge more(max B3 size 300dpi)

Paypal: Commissions stamp by Cute-Stamps Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers

© 2014 - 2021 Elle-Rei
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umm,..may I know your commission price? ;;;;
Elle-Rei's avatar
Hello, please drop me a note with the details~:meow:
Candy-Witch's avatar
;-; I dont see prices anywhere
Big-Isabella-Fan's avatar
I would be interested in commissioning you, but I can only pay with points. 
Elle-Rei's avatar
Hi, I take point too cause I wanted to extend my membership, please drop me a note so we can discuss the details!:aww:
Big-Isabella-Fan's avatar
Excellent! Sent a note. :)
SweetAdoptParadies's avatar
aww my god, your art is so amazing. Love to commission you, but I have not money ;_; 
SweetAdoptParadies's avatar
oh but I can make a feature about your Commission Information if you like ^^
Elle-Rei's avatar
Oh I would like to get featured, thank you! :meow:
SweetAdoptParadies's avatar
oh I really hope.  ^^
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Do you do portrait of people I do think this would make good gift for my boyfriend as anime character. :)
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I don't really take portrait commission because it have to be draw in very realism, but if you don't mind it comes out anime→semi-realism style you can note me with the details. :aww:
VelvetShythe25's avatar
Well Me and him are Anime lover so see as full anime character would be pretty cool too see.
Elle-Rei's avatar
Oh it can do if it draw in anime style.
please send me a note with the photo and details :meow:
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I really like your style. Do you offer images with copyright?
Elle-Rei's avatar
For commercial use?
Sure, please send me a note with the details so we can discuss further =)
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A4 300dpi is the size of the work? I'm sorry I'm new at this and I'm just curious.
Elle-Rei's avatar
A4 300dpi= 2480*3508px, this is the usual print out size, you can request high res. or bigger than A4 size, but fees will charge more =)
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Oh, thank you! :la:

Is just that I am looking for examples of commissions because I want to take them aswell but I had no clue. xD

So thank you, have a good evening! ^_^
Elle-Rei's avatar
you're welcome :aww:
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I think you might be my go to for a set of commissions. Looking for one illustration and a head bust based off an original character of mine. Message me here or email me at Looking to hopefully spend in the 100$ range. But we can discuss that in detail. 

If you're interested of course =D
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