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By EllaNyx
There are few days that I enjoy more than February 15th. That's right, 15th, not 14th. And the reason it's so special to me can be summed up in two words: Discount Chocolate.:hungry: Now don't get me wrong, Valentines Day is nice and I have no problem with it, but why pay exorbitant sums for elaborate pasteboard boxes that will probably end up in the trash anyways when you can wait one day and get twice the amount of chocolate-y goodness for a fraction of the price? Practicality has very sweet rewards indeed.;)

And Feature Time! To combat the inevitable glut of features focusing on love and hearts and mushy stuff that pack enough saccharine sweetness to give an elephant diabetes, I present to you...*dramatic drum roll please*...Owls!
Because goodness knows we could all use a little wise whimsy in these chaotic times.:D

Owlyn by jasminetoad The Owl by vinegar xmas xchange 2010 by sandara P.S. I miss you by HechiceraRip
:thumb196569259::thumb162452014: owl white2 by photoflacky:thumb193246122:
:thumb178585905::thumb192495705: Owlyn in Autumn by jasminetoad Night falls by Askhari
SISTERS by sinsenor Lilith by DonatellaDrago Give A Hoot by Lochi

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owllovinggirl's avatar
Oh. My. God.
magpie-poet's avatar
Time to update, but I do wish you could fav journals, because that is an excellent point! (And I like owls too) I generally joke about celebrating darwin day instead, but that doesn't involve chocolate...
EllaNyx's avatar
Lol, you're right, I've been meaning to update for a while now but have only been able to get on DA in short spurts.^^;
HoukouSakura's avatar
It's true though... why celebrate any occasion expensively when you can do it the next day for so much cheaper? It's also like after-christmas sales *blissfully happy*
EllaNyx's avatar
Oh yes, the week between Christmas and New Years is where you can get some of the most amazing deals!:iconiloveitplz: And the day after people aren't in a rush and you get nicer service too.:meow:
HoukouSakura's avatar
Nicer service?
I don't think so... people are all in a frenzy to find bargains... It's very scary O____o
EllaNyx's avatar
Haha, I agree that that's true right after christmas, but for most other holidays once it's over people think no more on it til the next year, so there isn't a big rush to the stores the day after.
HoukouSakura's avatar
I really want some chocolate now... =___=

also, thank you for the fave, thank youuuu
I feel so honoured ^___^
Askhari's avatar
thx very much! :)
HechiceraRip's avatar
Oh, thank you! =^^=
sesam-is-open's avatar
Very beautiful features:):)
I love owls too!:):heart:
EllaNyx's avatar
Owls are one of my favorite birds! They're so cool but so often overlooked, I thought it was high time they get some notice.:aww:
JezahnaART's avatar
Yeah I love discount chocolate too!
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