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Severus+Lily Bookmarks

EDIT: Sorry for reposting, but I have fixed some annoying errors and wanted to let know those of you who decided to print it(:

It happens when you have too much fee time for a while and you're away from your computer for a day (I should have been working on some old commission...). You get something pretty, yet useless. So, I decided to turn it into a bookmark (because I read a lot, I love bookmarks). And it supposed to be only Severus, but how can you draw Sev without Lily? Ehehehe!*feels the fan girl madness striking back*:D

But being serious, not sirius, I want to dedicate it to all people who enjoyed my DH art lately and those who had enough patience to stand it:D. Feel free to use them (the quality and size is printable).

I wanted to make them as simple as possible, but rather stylized. Hope, you will like it.
Ink pen+Painter

Looking at them from a distance I have noticed something damn funny since it was totally unintentional: [link]
It's a sign, that I really should change the subject;p
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Looks so beautiful! <3 I like Severus. :3
The-Water-Maidenmoon's avatar
Severus is my favourite!
Serenata14's avatar
Absolutely amazing, love how they contrast and complement each other
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This is such an old thing! Glad it's still likable:)
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aww, this is amazing! O_O very beautiful and useful, thanks a lot! :)
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Thank you :] Glad you like it.
WiccanGinger's avatar
These are so good I love the opposite contrast them going on with them , it's so sweet and yet so sad

ellaine's avatar
Thank you:] Oh, there was a lot of feel when I drew it:D
WiccanGinger's avatar
I wouldn't be surprised :3
Quetzal-Queen's avatar
These bookmarks are brilliant, especially in the style you drew this pairing!
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Thank you!:]
May I use these as prizes for a Harry Potter day at the school where I work? I would, of course, credit you. They are utterly beautiful. 
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Hi there, I hope, I'm not late, but yes, with credits and stuff, you can use them, I will feel honored! Thank you:)
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I love this... 
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Perfect ! It's my new bookmarks !
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I'm happy then!:D
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Is there a name for couples where one person has black hair and the other has red/orange hair? I see it a lot.
Goldstache's avatar
Hey, this is a pretty cool drawing! 

Would it be terribly insolent of me if I humbly asked for your permission to use it as a cover for a Sev/Lily AU fanfic I'm writing on fanfiction . net? I'll credit you and everything. 
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One day I shall remember to print these out and use them as bookmarks... Until then, I shall admire them from afar :)
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Love the art deco style. The colors are nice.
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