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I wish... - Deathly Hallows



If you're gone, I can still hear your voice
Little voids making an empty noise
Powerless, I need to rest awhile
You were in delicate arms, not mine

But out of the black pools
I've risen up
I've risen up above
'Cause I still love you
I've risen up
I've risen up above

Charlotte Martin - Under The Gravel Skies

It's sooo overdone lately, but since many of you asked so kindly, I have finished the Mirror of Erised illustration^-^. Technically something a bit different again.

I know that many of you would have their own vision of it, but for the purpose of the composition and the idea in my head I chose Lily to be alone in the mirror.
And just ignore the awkward floor - Hogwarts is a weird place and you know it:D
Oh, and for everyone who has doubts about Lily's head and arm - her legs don't end with the mirror frame, so her anatomy is fine, besides she's not real, but just a projection.

Hope you will like it^-^
Painter IX + textures from =resurgere
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Beautiful!!! Love this!