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What Fan Art Means To Me

Scratch scratch scratch. Severus looked up at the classroom filled with miscreants trying to find the culprit. No one’s quill was moving but he knew there had been someone writing when they were supposed to be sitting silently, reading the assigned material for their OWLS. There was no reason for writing, the reading did not require note taking. He went back to grading the papers when he heard it again, scratch, scratch, scratch. He looked up and saw motion at a SLYTHERIN table. He knew the trouble maker instantly. It wasn’t only that her book was propped up on the table blocking her face but the fact that he could not see her re

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Minerva sat under a tree admiring the cerulean sky. She loved being out in the spring sun practicing. It was a beautiful day. She was busy transfiguring a muggle coin from America that had a picture of a man named George on it. A quill friend she had started writing to from a wizarding exchange program in the Daily Prophet had sent her the coin. She wanted nothing more than to impress Professor Dumbledore with her Transfiguration abilities. She was very fond of the Professor. Minerva had been a Prefect last year and this year as well. She was trying very hard to be Head girl next year. She hoped that if she shined in transfiguration and her

The Rise of Voldemort with Zoe-San

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Forever Friends with Marvelous-Magic

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New Start - Chapter 1

Severus stepped off the PIONEER BUS and surveyed the mountain scenery around him. The trip across the pond had been harsh in the muggle aero-plane and their PIONEER BUS was almost as bad, if not worse, than Britain’s KNIGHT BUS. There had been a no apparation policy on those coming to the United States to live, so he had been forced to do things the muggle way. It was not as bad for him as for some wizarding people he had seen. It would be nice to finally use apparation to travel. He nodded to the driver and walked up the path to the set of houses hidden back in the forest canopy. The sign read ROCKY MOUNTAIN “WIZARDING” HOMES

New Start with NokomisSnape

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Gift of Dragons with Katzypotter

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The Scorpion and The Rose - 10

Rose sat with all of the other students of Hogwarts in the Great Hall. Not at their designated tables, but on the floor on cushions as they looked at the stage and prepared for a new class that would be taught once per week to all students no matter their age level. Her Uncle Bill stood up on stage with Headmaster Flitwick. He was explaining that he was a Cursebreaker and the ancient curses he had to deal with and how some of these were beneficial curses because they were actually protection curses meant to keep people from stealing the ancient Egyptian’s great wealth. They were paired with partners and shown how to build a strong shie

The Scorpion and the Rose with KatzyPotter

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Facing the Demons

Greg slowly pushed the door to the burned Room of Requirement open. He shuddered at the destruction. His vision swam slightly as the images of fire burned at his memory. He sat down in the chair that Susan had placed him in a few days earlier. It groaned in protest but did not break. Greg looked around at burned images on the wall of the brooms flying, of him being saved. He truly owed them all his life and they had never asked for a Wizard’s Debt on him. That was just as surprising as the burned images on the wall showing their escape. He looked at the old cabinet that Draco had used to let the Death Eaters in. I was black beyond the

Slytherin FF

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